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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. DeLuX

    What about a zoorlo zuperdac, the refurbs are cheap 49$ I think? I'm listening to one right now. LG G3-Zoorlo-Cayin C5-Senfer 4in1 Sounds pretty darn good! I like the added warmth the Cayin brings
  2. carltonh
    At the price of $29, I doubt it. If you go up to the price of $36, then IMO, the YHS 002 surpass it by having an IMO perfect sound signature, well extended in subbass and treble without a V-shape dip or treble spike. However, I'm about the only one to try the YHS 002. sound quality itself is very similar to the 4in1.
    EDIT: @hakuzen, might also agree, but I think we are the only 2 to ever comment on the YHS 002.
    CoiL and hakuzen like this.
  3. teesui
    Oh man. I bought the a pair of the 4in1 since it's the "flavour of the month" to replace my pair of broken Meelec M6, pretty good considerign I paid $45 CAD for that (Got a cable with it too). I think I like its fit 
  4. crabdog
    New Magaosi hybrid? Can't link the store if ya know what I mean...
  5. farisq
    which color did u go for? Blue looks nice. Can you compare with other iem... that u own
  6. carltonh
    I went for gold. In sound signature, the YHS 002 is similar to the Sony XB90. Which if you don't own, is more neutral in its tuning than you would expect. Both have a bit of extra bass kick, but not far from flat. I'm comparing the two right now and the XB90 has a relative dip in the lower mids that makes the YHS 002 much more representative of how the music was intended. The 002 also has the extra clarity in mids and treble from the BA that the XB90 still lacks even when amped. The 002 just has the micro-details you expect in a good hybrid, similar to the 4in1 and HSLX 808, but just gets the tuning a little better...unless someone prefers the minimal bass tuning of something like the Vivo XE800. It still falls short of the banned IEM, which is the only IEM I own better than the 002.
    farisq likes this.
  7. SuperMAG
    How is the bass quantity, suitable for bassheads? Also are the vocals as thin and sharp as 4in1 or thicker softer and less fatiguing.
  8. dontcallmejan
    Interesting... I might give in.
  9. obelisk619
    Any recommendations for a portable dac/amp combo for 50$ or less?

    I prefer something that's not treble harsh and a bit thumpy on bass, but anything is good as long as it's portable, otg compatible and cheap :)
  10. Vidal
    Fiio K1 - less a DAC/amp more a DAC/slight amp
  11. crabdog
    Benjie S5 + xduoo xq10
    EDIT sorry misread post
  12. CoiL
    Hmmm... interesting. Is You HLSX808 modded and if it is, then can You please compare 808(m) vs. YHS002 ?
  13. obelisk619
    Thanks for that, I've read some reviews and recommendations and I think I'd go with q1 instead though it's more expensive. 

    Is there any other dac/amp in the price range of Q1?
    Thanks for this, though I avoid having a dap because I want to use my smartphone only and the xq10 is an amp so I think I'd pass on that too. 
  14. peter123

    If you are willing to stretch even further the SHOZY Lancea is only $99 at Penon Audio right now and its sound signature matches very well with what you're looking for.

    It's also very small/highly portable.
  15. Vidal
    To add to Peter's suggestion there's also the Cozoy Astrapi at $50 and Aegis at $110 which will plug direct to smartphone.
    My recollection of the Astrapi was that it was quite bright though.
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