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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. peter123

    There's some great third party apps (like UAPP and Hiby music) that avoid the Android protocol when putting out audio from your smartphone. I find these apps to greatly improve the sq with external dac's so might be worth trying.

    Fwiw I also got a smsl idol + that I'll review, haven't had much time to use it yet though but I really like the extremely small size, low power drain and the volume controls on the unit. Will share more sound impressions when I get some more time with it.
  2. danimoca
    I hate that thing sticking out of the phone like that.
  3. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Guys, I recieved the MaGaosi K1 Hybrids yesterday and based on an OOTB Initial impression ONLY,  I would Say that they are VERY good. I briefly A/B them against the Musicmaker TK13, Shockwave III and "the IEM that shall not be named", and they are right there in that general league of SQ much higher than their price point would suggest.
    I am most impressed with the Metal Shells. The orange-Red finish is to Die for.
    They went straight to the Burner and I will have a REAL listen in about 50 hours or so.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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  4. 1clearhead
    Great review! ....Cheers!  [​IMG]
    I wrote the first review on the 4in1's and it definitely has a great package and unpacking experience. It just all depends on the seller you're purchasing it from. ....Meaning, you'll probably get the whole package if you're paying a little more for them.
    But, then again, that depends on the seller, so it's better to email them about what comes in your order. [​IMG]
    Good to know, 'TWIN'! .....Do tell some more when you get a chance!  [​IMG]
  5. loomisjohnson

    got my eyes on these--please post more impressions and comparos
  6. Cinder
    Comparison between the AP60 and what else? I have the AP100 on me, and that's it unfortunately.
  7. Niyologist
    I have the AP60. Unfortunately I have the wrong firmware version. So I can't make a proper UI comparison. The SQ however is certainly well above my ZTE Axon 7. It possesses well polished, natural and dynamic sound.
  8. ozkan

    How does it compare to AP100?
  9. Vidal
    Read the review and spotted the box, the Macaw's is plusher [​IMG] I think most sellers are selling the 4in1 without the box to keep the price down as low as possible.
  10. crabdog
    Same here. This is the first sub 100 iem I've been interested in since the 4in1
  11. 1clearhead

    Darn! I hate when the sellers try to "cut-cost" and don't even explain to the buyers in what areas. Sometimes, it's a good feeling to get "the whole package".
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  12. mebaali
    Got my LZ-A2S (bought for 18.5 US$ from AliEx), this morning. They came with all the advertised accessories (including a carry case).



    OOTB with JVC spiral dot tips (large), these have an overall sound of buttery smooth and warmness to its signature with vocals appears to be a bit forward. These are also super easy to drive (20% volume on OPO is loud enough for my liking) and build quality is amazing.


    Source Gear: OnePlus One using HibyMusic Player, M4A 256 kbps, artists I had listened to are Shawn Mendes, Bayonne, Genuflex, Glass Animals, OneRepublic, Mutemath, MIA, Safia, Cubicolor, Blue Foundation, Blue States.
  13. ChickenButcher

    18.5 USD?!?! I bought it for $50 and i thought i had a good deal!
  14. mebaali
    @ChickenButcher - Yep, it appears to be a result of pricing error from few AliEx sellers (there was a post here in this thread giving a possible explanation for this, by @Vidal). It was a risk but still some of us took it and glad that it was indeed a bargain deal, in the end :)

    (OT - I am unable to access any edit options in the Headfi reply box/editor, does anyone else having similar issue? )
  15. fonkepala
    Man...they look so nice! I wish I had gotten it at that price too :)
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