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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. CoiL
    Mebaali, I really recommend to slap on some large bore Philips UE silicone tips on them - they get noticeably better with less mid-bass bump and more open soundstage.
    Unfortunately, for my taste, imaging (vocals and bass placement) was/is little too inside headstage and mib-bass still causes little "irritation" after some listening. Also got them for 52$ from gearbest.
    I prefer Magaosi BK50 (also with Philips UE tips) over them.
    Thanks for early impressions!
    If You get them "burned-in" and start more thorough comparison - please inform us what music did You use and what was the source gear.
    They might be my next IEM if Senfer 4in1 modding doesn`t show improvements.
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  2. mebaali
    Didn't try any of the stock tips that came with A2S, went directly to Spiral dots due to their wide bore dimensions(in the hope of trying to squeeze out last bit of details). I have used these for over 3 hours now (not a critical listening just casual one while doing office work) via OPO, with a variety of genres. Seems to work well for most modern genres (while these are not detail monsters but does decent enough job for my set up). Absolutely love the cable/jack and overall build of these.
    And thanks for the heads-up on Philips UE Tips (wide/long bore red core silicone ones, right?). I don't have them but will surely try to get a pair, if possible (eBay?) [​IMG] 
  3. CoiL
    Yep, those I meant. But take care where You buy them because many sellers post pictures from original Philips UE tips but actually send You generic same color but with smaller bore tips. Philips UE tips have about same size bore as Spiral Dots and have very soft and thin "skirt".
    I bought my legit ones from here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-S-M-L-Replacement-Earbuds-tips-for-Philips-UE-In-Ear-Earphones-/381519532186?hash=item58d456109a
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  4. mebaali
    Thanks, Coil. Unfortunately, the seller doesn't ship to India.
    Will try finding it from somewhere else.
  5. BudgetListener
    Has the 4in1 been surpassed? Haven't been here for a while.
  6. Saoshyant
    We're currently past the honeymoon period, and people are finally starting to say some negative things about the 4in1.  Some people are interpreting this as the 4in1 being worse than presented and it was all hype, while others are still maintaining it's a good IEM that just doesn't suit everyone.  Currently, it seems the Vivo XE800 is seeing a bit of praise at it's new price.
  7. BudgetListener
    New price?
  8. Saoshyant
    I believe it's hovering at around $28, where it was originally around $100 if I remember correctly.  It does have an issue with fakes, so you should probably be careful about ordering if you go this route.
  9. ld100
  10. yangian
    Why no people hype the Benjie earbuds?? Those Havi, Monk cannot rival it at all when drived by a good enough desktop amplifier.
  11. Brian Coffey
    How good are they without an amp though?
  12. yangian
    Not very bad. A little bit worse than M+. But when amplified, it has a similar soundstage as 9500 and better 3D sound than 9500!!
  13. Brian Coffey
    They sound good, but is the only way to get them is with one of their players?
  14. TwinACStacks
    Coil, They aren't burned in yet but my gear on initial impression, ( I try and use quality sources), is a Shanling M5 coupled to an Aune B1 Class A amp and also try and vary my music to include Classical, Rock, Blues, Trance, Jazz and even Pipe Organ music, as long as it has a superior recording, I'm on it. Nothing less than Flac/320 mbps files and some High Res as well.
    I will report back once I've had an extended listen. Here's a sample of what type of material I'm using from an older review:
    Ai Takekawa-- Beyond the Moon (original version)
    Emma Lock-- Never Fear (extended Version)
    Dire Straits-- Sultans of swing
    Eric Clapton-- For Your Love
    Justine Suissa --- On A good Day
    SOAK--- Immigrant Song
    John Mayer-- Slow dancing in a burning room
    Vivaldi--- SPRING (Four seasons)
    J.G. Bryson-- Let the Pipes Play (Full pipe organ album 1st cut)
    Johnny Lang -- Give me up / Red light
    Lee Ritenour-- Six string theory (Full album 1st cut)
    Keb Mo'-- Everything I need
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  15. yangian
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