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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. CoiL
    Basically... I do not agree with most of points You posted. This is all of course subjective but here we go:
    I`m very sensitive to treble region, especially 6-7KHz range and I can`t agree on these being "hot on the treble". While I can consider them being just on the edge of being "harsh" (with stock tips). But they aren`t "hot" with any of the genres/songs I`ve tried.
    Lacking what? Imho, bass is quite accurate and I can`t find it lacking anywhere.
    Imo, You are doing it totally wrong way and approach - slap on some very wide bore tips like JVC Spiral Dot`s and then treble will be "smoother".
    Already 30h playtime changed them? Sibilance out of the box? I didn`t have any experience with them like that. OOTB there was no sibilance and neither did the sound change after 100-150h playtime.
    Agree on the soundstage being above average (imo quite noticeably above average) but "inside of the head" ? No no no and no - You should hear LZ A2S, HD-681 and some others that have some instruments/vocals presented "inside" or very close "inside headstage". 4in1 definitely ain`t one of them and not even close.
    No problem here. They do have slightly larger impedance that I have been used to with budget IEM`s but require only 2-4 steps above my usual listening level (192-194 on DX50 @ high gain. max is 250). Nor have I notices any "sizzle in treble" nor "not enough bass".
    Even though dance music isn`t my cup of tea, I do listen to atmospheric EDM occasionally and there is more than enough bass. For example with Eskmo - cloudlight.
    Once again, I`m very sensitive to treble and hi-sax notes, hi-hat & cymbals are usually "hot area" for me - no problems with those with 4in1.
    While jazz is very good sounding, I slightly wish sometimes more "analogue" sound and warmer mids (something like ATE has). But that`s the nature of BA`s in 4in1 and I can`t really complain about mids.
    I really don`t know if You have different Senfer 4in1, source gear match is bad, different preferences and hearing, different cable(impedance), not enough juice or something else... but reading Your opinion about them makes me think You have different IEM [​IMG]
    I do agree on this though:
    I want to note out that I`m using JVC Spiral Dot tips (S size and deep inside ear-canal) + Tennmak SPOFC upgrade cable without mic with my Senfer 4in1 @ DX5X: http://www.head-fi.org/t/720776/ibasso-dx50-mods/285#post_12652071
  2. zato23
    It's not worked for me
    "Coupon code can only be used with one piece price, it can not be used with vip price, special offer, group deal at the same time."
  3. audio123
    iems that have not yet be dethroned below 100: havi b3 pro 1, ostry kc06, ostry kc06a
  4. Majin
    While the havi b3 has been getting a lot of praise (with an amp) could you explain the differences between the havi and the ostry?
  5. slowpickr

    Ostry KC06A has been one of my favorites for the past couple of years or so. I can't talk about the only one I've found that really beats it (albeit at a much higher price).
  6. Podster

    This Voucher does not work for me so it's a no-go! Every time I enter it just takes me back to logon screen[​IMG]
  7. DynamikeB
    CoiL, I would tend to agree with you based on my early impressions with the 4in1 . Bass is definitely there and much more present than the Fidue A73, and while the treble is quite present and active, it's not at the same level as Fidue A73 (well defined and better quality but I would understand why some would find some fatigue in it) and way less harsh than the Vsonic I tested in the past (VSD3 and VSD1S).
    JVC Spiral dots medium helps a lot in most aspects (comfort, isolation, sound) with these.  I have the stock black cable.
  8. DynamikeB
    At that price, I would say hard to beat, even if they have been on the market for a while.  It's one of the rare iems that has been in my possession since the beginning (of times when I started to buy like a crazy dude after looking at this website... :wink:.
    They may need some time to get used to, but IMHO, their sound and comfort factor (the best ones I have/tested for sleep) and light enough to train / run etc.  Very comfy but not if you look for isolation.  These are not for isolation that much.  For the sound, they kick higher than their regular price point.  
    So, for less than 40 usd....  very good.  MY opinion.
  9. Majin
    What IEM are you talking about?
  10. DynamikeB
    Sorry.  Ostry KC06A, in answer to the question if they were any good...
  11. bjaardker

    I have the hack enabled so this is what I get when I plug in tmp_18795-Capture_2016-09-27-09-24-40-76148928.png
  12. polychroma23
    Yesterday, I received Somic V4 and KZ ZS3. Here are my OOTB impressions.
    Somic V4
    Bass is amazing, good extension, a bit emphasized sometimes. Mids, as a vocals head, I approve. Clear and detailed, but imo XE800 is a bit more detailed. Treble is sparkly, detailed, crisp, and rarely sibilant. I'm really impressed. If I'd compare it against XE800, I'd say they are of different species and it all comes down to your preference. V4s are energetic, fun, and great for almost all genres, Vivos are analytical and great for bass-light genres like acoustic and orchestra.
    KZ ZS3
    Though I like the build quality, I wasn't that impressed. Bass is good but imo it lacks depth and texture. Mids sound unnatural at times, but pretty good nonetheless. Treble is sufficiently detailed. I'm more likely to listen to EDM with these, the ZS3s are dark (sound-wise and build-wise).
    Just my 2 cents, these two IEMs still need some burnin'
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  13. Roen
    I wonder how different that cable quality and sound quality is compared to the name brands that have solutions already.
  14. Podster

    If Peter has had good luck for weeks on end @ 8-10 hours run time for $24 it's a no brainer for the Pod[​IMG]
  15. Lurk650

    Yeah that's just the regular hifi DAC. When you plug in a headphone Extender first it will show like my first picture, then plug in the headphones to the Extender. The AUX (as well as high impedance) enables the HIFI Amp which gives more power and a more dynamic range.
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