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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. alizeofeniquito
    I just found the coupon here http://coupons.gearbestblog.com. Sorry I don't know why it's not working.
  2. windcar
    I got it from here:
    I bought it cheaper at $20, now they have increased the price to $23. I think they are genuine, the tip can rotate, has a wing shaped mark at the tips and also U shaped metal rim at the nozzle. I am using Creative ZXR as my source.
    Anyway, today my Senfer 4in1 has arrive. I have also ordered the piston BA and it should arrive next week. The 4in1 is very well made, the white cable looks quality and monitors themselves have some weight, looks beautiful and polished. Fit is OK but not very secure.
    Initially listening to the 4in1 shows a very detailed sound, clarity is definitely leagues above any dynamic I have listened to. Mid Bass transits very quickly which is a surprise because I thought the mid bass would be taken care by the dynamic and not BA. Sub-Bass is non-existent, but I wouldn't nick-pick on it since most IEMs have *****y sub-bass. Sound is overly, exaggeratedly bright. Mids is sibilant and you can clearly hear the 's' from the vocal. Vocal is tinny and NOT lush at all. Prolonged listening is going to be a problem for many people because of these. Sound separation is OK.
    If these has lesser sibilance, more body to the mids and tuned down the brightness, this will be a very very good monitor. Techically, this is leagues above the KZs and XE800.
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  3. bjaardker
    Nice! That totally works. I didn't realize that High Gain mode was separate from the Hi-Fi DAC enabled. Things I read online made it sound like the Hi-Fi DAC hack gave me everything I needed.
    Hot damn.. Looks like I need to retract my review. First thing I noticed is the soundstage got about 2 feet wider. The sizzle of hi-hats and cymbals still hurts the ears and dominates the sound. Example: Royksopp's Remind Me
    The bass is slightly increased, but still not near anywhere what I prefer. For example, on Mali Music's Little Lady, that bass should be THUNDEROUS. The Senfer its "Oh that's a nice rumble..how quaint"

    I'll have to continue to give them a fair listen. 
  4. Degree
    Going to get my first budget IEM, how big is the difference between the zs3 and Senfer 4in1, besides the obvious price difference.
  5. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] I disagree. BOTH the TK12 and TK13 are below 100 and they annihilate those three, although Havi's soundstage can hang with them.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  6. audio123

    below 80 then [​IMG]
  7. DynamikeB
    TK12 and TK13 are below 100.00?
  8. Mayones
    So, all in all, could anyone compare the 4in1s, xe800 and the KZ ZST/ZS3?
    I'm pretty much only interested in sq, fit is not a concern, would be nice if they didn't break after a month.
    Any suggestions under the senfers price tag ($30) are welcome too.
  9. notamethlab
  10. peter123

    The sound quality is very good. For those situations where I'd be interested to use a Bluetooth cable I really don't need anything better. I'd never use Bluetooth for critical listening anyway.......

    I'll be getting a Trinity Audio Lanyard Bluetooth cable as well when they decide to ship it so we'll see how it compares then.
  11. anticute
    If I had a suitable mmcx IEM, I'd definitely consider getting this. As Peter says, if you're out and about (why use bluetooth otherwise?), you're probably not doing critical listening anyway :)
    On that note - I've been looking at various bluetooth "sports" IEMs to use when training, but now it seems I can basically get any IEM with mmcx. Are there any sort of IEMs with mmcx that would be suitable for training? Meaning, they have to fit well and don't die from getting slightly wet. The "sports" bluetooth IEMs I've tried have all been extremely bassy and muddy.. 
  12. Roen
    Please keep us apprised of the comparison when you get it.
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  13. Roen
    Just got the 4in1 today.
    OOTB, harsh treble, but very good detail. Picked up details that I haven't heard of before in some of my FLAC files. Sub-bass is very light. More than adequate mid-bass. I can see how the treble would make this fatiguing.
    Sound signature is definitely V-shaped. Mids being recessed is the best way of describing these IEMs. Stock Narrow-bore was harsher than the stock wide-bore tip. Using Comply Comfort Foams in the regular direction brought the harshness down slightly, but not noticeably. Wearing them in the reverse direction retained the harshness of the stock silicone tips. Bass was not noticeably stronger with the foam tips.
    Listened to MJ - Billie Jean. Really wanted to try something with treble emphasis to test the perception of harsh treble. Currently using with Encore mDAC.
    It's made me understand better the type of IEM I want in sound signature and clarity.
    Sound signature: Lots of sub-bass, lots of mid-bass, mids forward, average treble. Bass needs to be quick and accurate rather than an enormous amount of loose bass.
    Clarity: Clear enough to pick up micro-details.
    Any suggestions?
    Dumb question: 4in1: Left is Blue and Right is Red?
  14. MuZo2
    4in1 seems 50-50 equal no of people liked it and same number of people complained of  harsh treble, wonder if there is production variance.
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  15. wastan
    What tips are you using with the ZS3? I didn't like the bass using the stock tips so I switched to some generic wide bore tips things improved greatly
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