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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Roen

    Mine came in just the earphone case, with tips and silver cable inside.

    I've seen posts showing a full Senfer box, so that leads me to wonder if there are fake 4in1's out there.
    Unless the sellers are just unboxing, throwing everything into the earphone case and shipping that out.
  2. B9Scrambler
    That happens. Keeps shipping costs down for those long trips.
  3. Roen
    I will say the stock silicone wide bore tips maintain more detail and harshness than the Comply comfort foam tips worn in the reverse direction.
    I don't know whether I want more detail or less harshness.
  4. Folly
    Possible, but probably not the case. My observation is most of the people who find it harsh is coming from dynamic driver IEMs and/or prefer a smooth signature, and are not accustomed to how treble should sound in a BA. For reference, I am very sensitive to hot treble, having owned dunu dn2000j and the banned IEM, both of which I could not stand. The 4in1 is significant less harsh than those two.
    bjaardker likes this.
  5. Roen

    I can concur with this, I'm coming from 2 DD IEMs, but am wondering if there is a way to achieve detail without the harshness, or slightly less harshness.
    For example, when I demoed the SE846, I did not find that harsh one bit.
    I have a DBA-02 MkII coming in the mail so I will try that once it gets here and comment on harshness relative to the 4in1.
  6. SuperMAG
    Its not just the treble, when i listen treble heavy songs i dont find the treble to be heavy, my ears already adjusted or its because burn in and tips but its the vocals, they vocals harsh type, very sharp and thin.
    I am also wondering the above questions, how is harsness of sound in musicmaker tk12, currenly i am interested in that. what about the trinity vyrus.
  7. Lurk650

    QKZ W1 Pro?

    Doesn't say sweat resistant but the Tennmak Pro says good for sports, just got my pair today, will probably be used for exercise since the A&D D2 is too bassy and too V-shaped for me

    TK12 is smooth. Pretty much the house sound of MM products
  8. B9Scrambler
    W1 Pro is good but it uses a DC connector, not MMCX. Boo!
  9. Lurk650

    Really? Always thought I saw it was MMCX, scratch that then
  10. Majin
    Looking forward to it since i might get a dual BA IEM myself.
  11. Tonx
    Same situation was with Senfer DT2 V.2. Depending on source may be?
  12. Majin
    Well both the TK12 and TK13 are double the price compared to ostry kc06 and havi but is it worth the price?
  13. Roen
    not that it matters but I meant I came from 2 different 1 DD IEMs, not a 2 DD IEM.

    I will be picking up a Havi B3 Pro 1 soon though.
  14. toddy0191

    It sounds like you would like the tenmak pro which have lots of mid bass good sub bass and plenty of detail across all frequencies combined with smoothed off treble.

    My favorite iem at the moment.
  15. jant71
    Whoah, new Tennmaks on Friday. Don't make someone order a pair of Pro's before we know what's coming! [​IMG]
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