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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Holypal
    Received my Senfer 4in1 yesterday. It comes in a earphone case, no box.

    Put it on my ears for a few hours now, with stock silver plated cable and default tips. The sound out of box is not that impressive. I still prefer my GR07c more than these. I enjoys GR07c's smooth and neutral sound.

    I'll give Senfer 4in1 more time for listening.

    Btw, the 4in1 build quality is quite good.
  2. 1clearhead

  3. Lurk650
    Got my Tennmak Pro today. The sound so far is very good. Nothing close to analytical but it seems to be very musical
  4. CoiL
    Whaaat? [​IMG] Sub-bass non-existent? Are You sure You are getting good seal? Listening to NIN - Hesistation marks I can hear very low bass notes and rumble (if recording has it).
    Also, I can`t hear nor call sound overly, exaggeratedly bright and while I`m sensitive to highs, I can listen long sessions without any issues.
    Seems likely if I read latest posts [​IMG]
  5. Lurk650
    Maybe everybody should post who they got the 4in1 from and when they got it. Maybe bc they were so popular and certain shops ran out they are selling an inferior version of it
  6. Majin
    Or from which IEM they come from. If you come from an etymotic then they sure sound different than if you had a KZ iem before.
  7. nhlean96
    I got my 4in1 directly from Senfer in China, which came with package. The price in China is 228 RMB ~ $34. Mine is flawless
  8. pashhtk27
    I don't have the senfer 4in1, but from what I read I think it's just the elevated treble, and sensitivity of the person that is making all the difference, since the later is very subjective. Just like the superlux headphones. Some love them, some hate them but almost everyone agrees that they're great for the price. :D

    Anybody ordered the cheapened LZ-A2s here, and can confirm they are legit?
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  9. nhlean96
    Yea, they're not that harsh but unforgiving to some bad tracks
  10. CoiL
    I have LZ A2S from gearbest sale they had some time ago and Senfer 4in1 are superior imho. A2S is good but their imaging is littlebit off (some instruments/sounds too close and inside headstage) and they have little mid-bass hump which makes them somewhat fatiguing, for me at least.
    Mine came from NiceHCK AE shop for about same price (without discount) and are also flawless. They came with Senfer logo zip-case, earhooks/guides and some tips.
  11. Ahmad313
    I bought my 4in1 from the banned seller and i received the parcel without any package/box but i am fully satisfied with the product and they are sound excellent as they are appreciated by their lovers here. 
  12. B9Scrambler
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  13. HiFiChris Contributor
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  14. loomisjohnson
    looking on ali, it seems like the genuine "original" lz-a2s are going for around $70 on established sites like hck, whereas a bunch of lesser-known sellers are advertising an identically-described "original" lz-a2s for as little as $20. as one of the minority who actually likes the a2s, i'd also be curious as the authenticity of the cheapos--if in fact you could get one for $20, you got yourself a deal--maybe we should crowdfund a purchase to check...
  15. Saoshyant
    @loomisjohnson Do any of the $20 "genuines" at least come from a store that seems like it should be trustworthy?  If we can minimize the risk in that respect, I might bite the bullet for you and report.  Worst comes to worst, I'm out $20.  Already extremely pleased with my new IEMs I just got, so a bad purchase won't be felt that badly.
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