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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. toddy0191

    The one you mentioned in your post. Ordered it about 4-5 days a go.

    Hoping it's not a fake as it sounds like it has my favorite type of signature.
  2. thanderbird

    Use the tips that came with the TK13. I'm waiting for other tips.

    What tips do you use?
  3. Cinder
    Perhaps. But I've yet to try them. All I meant is that, from the IEMs I've tested, I'd rather go for the M4.
  4. Cinder
    I'm not sure why people complained about the sound stage. However, its not fair the EQ the 4-in-1 and say it is good, then read reviews where nobody bothered to try and EQ the bass up (me included). A quick test on my 7-band analogue EQ shows that the M4 does respond quite well, and is even better than it was before.
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  5. Lurk650
    Listen to the TKH1, it has even more bass. Of course it's a single DD so the treble is lesser

    He uses Auvio. I use those and Spiral Dots on them. Auvio is USA only
  6. B9Scrambler
    I didn't find the M4's soundstage large, but it definitely wasn't lacking. You don't need a large soundstage for an earphone to be enjoyable, and with some signatures a more standard iem-style soundstage just works. The M4 is one of those. Bass isn't overly boosted, but it's well done. I never bothered to EQ it for my review, but only because I was entirely satisfied with them as-is. I'll take Cinder's comments at face value that they EQ well (and will verify independently later). They're a good earphone.
  7. Cinder
    True. Feel free, as I did test this using FLAC over Black Player EX on my M8 running S.Rom.
  8. smy1
    No more hype on the super audio 6 :frowning2:?
  9. Cinder
    I'd hype it if my wallet could afford the hype.
  10. B9Scrambler
    I own all of the above except the Ostry. The M4 plays in the same league imo. Havi is a standout neutral earphone. The VSD3 is a great warm and bassy earphone. The M4 is an excellent bright earphone. They're all good examples of their respective signatures. [​IMG]
  11. docentore
    Twin, would you do me a favour, please. Would you let me know how Magoasi hybrid (once you get them) compare to TK12 and TK13?
    I wanted to go for some spending spree but I had to rethink my plan and manage my budget better (have baby boy coming in 3 months - first child :)).
  12. Roen
    Are there any Chinese IEMs that don't have recessed mids?
  13. Skullophile
    @smy1 check out the review of the super audio 6.
    Peter has taken the time to write a great review of them
    and has described their sound signature in a way that if you read
    it you'll know how he hears them. A little Google and you'll find it.
  14. crabdog
    LZ A2S, Tennmak Pro
  15. Roen
    Tennmak Pro is thought to need a little boost in the mids to be better, based on one of the reviews on head-fi. Doesn't that imply slightly recessed mids?
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