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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Lurk650

    Is that volume level with the HIFI Amp trick or just regular HIFI DAC? Regular DAC I can't be less than 65/70 out of the 75. HIFI Amp I'm good with where it starts about 40-45.

    Note that isn't for the 4in1. It's in general
  2. Majin
    So the 4in1 are on the same tier as the vivo xe800?
  3. Darkestred

    Might want to check your source. I tried these in my receiver and they were hottttt. Out of my dap they were niiiice.

    These things have some pretty nice impact a d rumble. Wouldnt really recommend them to someone who likes a neutral sig.
  4. bjaardker

    That's with the hifi DAC. Sorry, I just assumed that everyone rolled with that turned on. My fault.
  5. bjaardker

    I don't know that it's the source. The LG V10 is pretty capable.

    There's definitely rumble, but it's all subbass, once you get out of 20-30hz there's not much there. Mind you, I like the bass of the TFZ line, so I'm not necessarily a bass head, but I do like a lot of oomph on the low range.
  6. bjaardker

    Price wise yes. Performance wise, IMHO they're not even close. The Senfer is well above the xe800 in bang for the buck.
  7. trumpethead
    I just purchased my third pair. They are very much worth the 8 dollars and then some. Clear detailed sound, Great instrument placement and imagery. Strong well controlled bass with no bleed over. For the money you won't find better IMO...
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  8. Darkestred
    I feel you.  I thought my receiver had a pretty nice sound but these IEMs hated it. 
    True.  The bass does seem to fade away when its higher up the freq curve.
  9. audio123
    FLC Celeste by FLC who made the famous FLC8S

    yeap in all honesty, the truth hurts but the 4 in 1, I dont rate it but its better than xe800 at least.

    yeah this is true. Dont know why the xe800 has such a great status due to the massive hype.
  10. vsls

    I believe that I could like them, I have some thoughts on the cable but I can bear it if the sound is right. As I own and enjoy KZ ATE I don't know if they could be an upgrade or sidegrade, (At the same time I'm eyeing the ATR since they cost almost nothing and could be a possible replacement when/if ATE die)
  11. Lurk650

    No, there is a trick where when you plug in a headphone Extender then your headphones and it tricks it into thinking it's an AUX and uses the HIFI amp for more power. Same happens when plugging in 50ohm and higher gear straight into the jack
  12. bjaardker

    Yes, I have the hifi everywhere hack enabled.
  13. Niyologist
    I'm amazed at what the G11 is capable of. It's bringing forth the smallest nuances of detail. I don't have to search for it. That's one crazy hybrid.
  14. Lurk650

    Nope. Still different. Plug in an AUX cable and it will say AUX like in my pic, normal headphone will say Normal Audi Device HIFI. You can also achieve this by plugging in a headphone Extender first then connecting your headphone to that.


    Now this pic below is directly connecting my AKG 7xx which are over 50ohm. Either way you enable a HIFI amp on top of the HIFI DAC. You get a ton of power.
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  15. Pastapipo
    That's unfortunate. Could you share the link where you got them?
    I'll stand by my opinion that I find the XE800 very good, not only for the price. But as always, this is my opinion based on my preference.
    Also the XE800 is $18 and the Havi B3 $46,55. Not exactly the same league in this budget segment.
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