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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. 1clearhead
    Thanks 'slowpickr' for the notice.....
    The URBANFUN are underestimated as a very worthy opponent and to me are well deserving and should have a place here as a top-tier hybrid. The GranVela URBANFUN are a 2-way hybrid with excellent soundstage and deep broad bass, which carries great mids and details. The sound can be enhanced and greatly improved when coupled with aftermarket silicone tips, especially wide-bore silicone tips like the "Auvio silicone tips", which is my personal choice for this hybrid. The housing and wires are definitely well made and by far I've heard no complaints 'till now. Once burned-in for many hours they can be a real joy to listen to. They first came out in black, but today they sell in different colors, but the green ones at its price bracket are a-must-have!
    Here's a short cut to some PICS!
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  2. Ahmad313
    Believe me right now it's straight four hours 4in1s are in my ears and i even don't realize that they are their just lovely sound waves around my head,  i can't understand why you feels pain after 30 minutes. 
  3. NiallWang
  4. boblauer
    Try the 1More Piston2.0/2.1. I use those exclusively when I need phone functions and often just swing them around onto whatever portable DAP I have with me. They are well under the price point <$20.  
  5. kalo86

    ​Hi @Ahmad313, I feel pain because the golden ring touches my ears and it is has a sharp edge in my Senfer 4in1. It seems that you don't have this anatomical issue...
  6. Tonx
    Thank you! 
  7. Lurk650

    Yes the TK12 / TK13 vocals have a good thickness to them
  8. Ahmad313
    Maybe my eartips are kind enough to protect me from the pain :wink::blush:
  9. peter123
  10. Sylmar
    Sometimes I have that with IEM's too. Using Comply's bigger tips usually helps in that case.
  11. DynamikeB
    base08  :  Agree with you (and the others) so far.  I have been using these 4in1 for a few days now, and they are indeed impressive for the price.  Great wow factor as you say...
  12. Ahmad313
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  13. dontcallmejan
    Sorry, but what's the Celeste?
  14. Cinder
    Also, for anyone looking for an IEM ~$400, I very much recommend the Accutone Pisces BA. It's a bright (but not sibialnt) IEM with an incredible sense of transparency. Bass is present and extended, but is not the focus of the IEM. It excels in non-electronic genres.
    @B9Scrambler can back me up on this one.
    Here's my full review: 
  15. bjaardker
    Senfer 4in1 impressions:
    - WOOF are these hot on the treble. Like, pierce your eardrums with a sewing needle hot. 
    - Sub-bass, not bad but it seems like everything after 20hz up to 200 is lacking. No worries about any sort of midbass hump here. 
    - Switching to narrow bore tips (Trinity Kombi) helped tame some of the highs.
    - After 30 hours of burning the sibilance I heard initially seems to have disappeared.
    - Soundstage is above average, but sound is still "inside of the head" 
    - I find myself constantly fiddling with the volume level. Usually due to too much sizzle in the treble on various tracks or not enough bass on others.
    - With the cable included from NiceHCK these are a little harder to drive than the usual IEM. I'm up around 45-60 on my LG V10. Most IEMs I'm never above 40 or 45 on the volume.
    - Acapella music is fantastic with these. I hear overtones that other headphones don't accurately reproduce.
    - Dance Music just isn't any fun with these. I need more bass. 
    - Rock...OUCH. I couldn't do it. The hi-hat and crash cymbals about sent me through the ceiling.
    - Jazz...nice...very nice.
    - Detail, instrument separation, aural texture, all are way above what I would expect for headphones that cost less than $30.
    The Senfer 4in1 has all of the detail and treble of the Vivo XE800 without being so shouty in the mids.
    Overall, if you aren't a bass head, and you can deal with some serious treble, I doubt you'll find a better headphone for you right now. If someone could take the clarity and detail of these, and match them with the bass and relaxed nature of the TFZ Series 5, I would have my end game IEM.
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