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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. ChickenButcher

    I agree with Lurk as there are significant difference between normal mode and aux/high gain mode. And the difference is not only volume but also in dynamic range.

    I got tired of using the adapter so I rooted my phone to use high gain mode everywhere.
  2. alizeofeniquito
    ostry kc-06a for 38.69usd on gearbest. voucher=LHOSRU
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  3. smy1
    are they any good?
  4. 1clearhead
  5. SuperMAG

    And will they satisfy my huge bass and 3d imaging requrements. I mean i like my ears to feel every note even if its not full bass note for example in ac/dc highway to hell song. Like pistons 2 made me feel. But want higher quality in everything and thicker vocals and not bright thin likr sender or even piston to a level.
  6. Lurk650

    Everybody's perception of bass amount is different. 12 has more bass than the 13 IMO. Compared to the big brother SW3 it's not as 3D but it has a very good SS. All my opinion so take with a grain of salt.
  7. SuperMAG
    Do you have or ever used piston 2. That is my refrence in bass quantity. And i do conseder your openions, this forums are for that and when i buy stuff i dont blame the one who recommended it.thanks.
  8. CoiL
    ----will edit my answer later----
  9. haiku

    That was also my reference, but then came the KZ ATE and everything changed......  [​IMG]
  10. notamethlab
    Wow I didn't realize you had to plug in the extender first AND then the earphones. I immediately heard the difference, thanks for the tutorial.
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  11. Majin
    The ATE has even more bass than the piston 2?
  12. haiku

    For me, yes.
  13. SuperMAG
    My atr will he here hopefully on thursday. Is atr same as ate?
  14. audio123

    no offence but with higher quality recordings and a good source, it shows the flaws of xe800. on the other hand, havi b3 scales well. i would rather take vjjb k4 over xe800 and k4 is ard the same price
  15. peter123
    For anyone longing to go wireless I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I'm very impressed with it:


    Just hook up your favorite MMCX IEM's and you're good to go :wink:
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