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May 21, 2016
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I develop software and games.

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  • About

    I develop software and games.
    Games, computer hardware, programming, algorithms, and everything related to technology.
    Headphone Inventory:
    IEMs (ranked based on my preferences):
    1. Moni One
    2. Tennmak Crazy Cello
    3. MusicMaker TKH1
    4. Trinity Vyrus
    5. Havi B3 Pro 1
    6. Sony MDR-XB50AP
    7. PMV A-01 MK2
    8. Einsear FIX
    9. Einsear T2
    10. Urbanfun Hybrid
    11. Yinjw S1
    12. Somic V4
    13. Xiaomi Hybrid Pro
    14. Senfer 4in1
    15. Vivo XE800
    16. Joyroom E107
    17. KZ ATR
    18. 1MORE Pistons 2
    19. Rock Zircon
    20. KZ ZS3
    21. HLSX BK35

    *May change anytime without further notice
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Topping NX1A
    Source Inventory:
    Benjie S5, Xduoo X3
    Music Preferences:
    I appreciate all genres and types of music.
    I'm a bit treble sensitive.
    I prefer a neutral sound signature with sufficient sparkle but not too bright, decent bass, large soundstage, and lifelike mids. More of a vocals-head, but I can also be a basshead and (rarely) treblehead at times.
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