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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Just some deletions...no idea what...
  2. DBaldock9
    Posts that were contrary to forum guidelines - I wonder if that means references to banned items?
  3. Otto Motor
    It was apparently the discussion that one Head-Fier was unjustifiably promoting products of a certainly company that resulted in an unjustified but effective/lucrative hype train.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  4. Ziggomatic
    Yeah, someone accused someone else of being a shill for a specific company, and there was a resulting backlash. It wasn't too bad - it's back on track now.
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  5. peter123
    It was not, rather some people being offensive :wink:

    Very mature...
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  6. 1clearhead
    Finally, my very positive review on the CCA C12 :point_right: unofficial name: Punisher! :punch::sunglasses::point_down:

    P_20190904_222443_1.jpg P_20190904_224835_1_1.jpg
    P_20190904_222805.jpg P_20190904_224531.jpg

    About the CCA C12
    Currently, the CCA C12 is the latest earphone to hit the market by CCA (Clear Concept Audio), a sister company to KZ (Knowledge Zenith), which I’ll reveal some positive results that will eventually put CCA on a higher scale of an already congested competition of in-ear earphones. But, make no doubt, these are going to be one of the better one’s likely for its sonic presentation and brushed metal appearance, which in my personal opinion should be considered their flagship IEM. …But, more on that later!

    First off, I want to thank Mr. Wu from CCA for sending the CCA C12 in return for an honest review. My views on the sound signature may be different or beneficial to some, so please compare my review with others before making your own personal decision whether if this product is right for you, or not. Right now, the cost starts as low as $35 US dollars, though price may vary elsewhere due to store purchased, the country delivered, coupon offers, or shipment cost.

    H98bc483981d442c0b6db7f5322cd7f49s.jpg H0fb9c0a34efb462197910849ff679079i.jpg *Picture is Courtesy of CCA for the CCA C12

    As many in head-fi may know by now, CCA is becoming "common ground" for competitive in-ear earphones at a fraction of the cost, especially for their nicely balanced, low costing and well-made budget earphones that can compete with costlier branded ones. They have launched several in-ear earphones since then, and now their C12 model that sports a 12 driver unit consisting of one BA for highs, two BA’s for MID’s, plus one dynamic driver per side that punches above and beyond many dynamic units bringing a type of sonic-like approach to the whole signature that you must hear to believe.

    They have a magnificent balanced sonic signature that will awaken all your senses of enjoyment on your own personal selection of music. With the perfect bass punch and evenly sought-out clean and clear midrange and brilliant treble they are nothing less of amazing!

    P_20190904_214842_1_1.jpg P_20190904_214519_1.jpg
    P_20190904_222642.jpg P_20190904_222719.jpg

    Other than the package being completely black (which is a nice touch), they carry the usual accessories since the launch of the C04 and nothing out of the ordinary since then, which includes a pair of in-ear metal (alloy) plastic housing earphones, detachable cable, extra-large, medium, and small silicone ear tips, and manual and warranty card all in one small square packaged box.

    Finally, I noticed something different in the C12 that I haven’t experienced in most CCA’s, the metallic-like pitched treble that once and a while would creep-up at you according to the song or genre, is gone! This surely places them in a higher playing field where maturity plays a role and CCA can finally play where the big boys play, which is in a higher listening experience of higher-end technicality and clarity. Of course, this all comes after burning them in for at least 100 hours to make sure no other changes would occur during the process. Comfort was a big plus as well after incorporating all those drivers into a compact housing….Well done, CCA! So, besides having such a unique sonic balanced sound signature, they have good form and shape and can be worn for hours at a time. Though, be aware that my review consists of changing the default ear tips to the packaged star line silicone ear tips during my review for better comfort and best sound possible.

    P_20190904_223247.jpg P_20190904_223034.jpg
    P_20190904_224327.jpg P_20190904_223307.jpg


    The bass expresses a sonic-like signature that can extend very low with excellent texture, richness, and punchiness with plenty of sub-sonic coherent details that’s not easy to accomplish with any in-ear monitor for that matter. But, somehow CCA has manage to do this and I applaud them for it. So, rather hearing them as your typical IEM, they mimic the bass of larger headphones to the point that it actually sounds like you’re listening to one, IMHO!

    Is no surprise that CCA put a lot of effort in the bass, but the same can be said with the midrange having a sense of realistic like vocals that benefits both males and females alike. The vocals are unique because it expresses realism in fulfilling the balance the bass and treble needs for the constant harmony the C12 produces for one of the best sounding signature in this price range I’ve heard by far.

    If you’re looking for details, well you’re definitely in for a treat! Not only does the treble demonstrate precision, it does a good job controlling a non-harsh and sibilant-free environment while maintaining a good flow of lush and detail. One surprising factor is the micro-details it produces in the very hi-end register giving you full access of the whole higher pitch range and openness that only pricy brands can offer for their higher price. You get a metallic-free sounding environment, which is another accomplishment achieved by CCA that shows the maturity from such a young company. In reality, you will enjoy the ever revolving details it displays…I know, I certainly do!

    The C12’s soundstage is rare and can only be heard to understand the sonic perplexity it displays in the whole staging process. Coupled with the incredibly nice balance, it really does play a vital role on the sonic-like achievement within the whole spectrum. Frontal and depth staging is superb, while imaging, instrument separation is followed by an excellent overall wide soundstage. The C12 can only be expressed as unique and epic in every way possible for such a low price range when compared to more expensive models.

    KZ ZSX
    VS CCA C12
    Here, I have the brother and sister team related companies with the same exact 12 drivers built in. They are both similar in lower bass punch, but technically they sound a little different. The C12 has a faster extended bass punch due to the balanced upper midrange and extended treble, while the ZSX has a low extended bass rumble effect due to the ZSX's laid back midrange and smoothed-out treble when using the star line ear tips on both models. But, what greatly differs is the housing and look on both. The ZSX has a beautifully displayed ovally-rounded alloy-like housing mounted on resin that’s noticeably larger from an angled view when compared to the smaller sister C12. So, note that buying the larger ZSX is a “hit or miss” depending on the inner-size of your ears. So, if this poses a problem? Best bet is to get the C12. The C12 displays a beautifully brushed metal housing mounted on resin where almost anyone can appreciate and wear for hours at a time. Overall, they are both excellent sounding IEM's in my book!

    CCA C16 VS CCA C12
    So here are two top in-ear earphones offered by CCA…and make no exception, they are both good in quality and value! While the C16 came as no surprise with great sounding midrange to upper midrange carrying 16 BA’s, it has an almost neutral sound signature boasting quick speed and raw details on top with excellent upper to lowerbass response. The C12, in the other hand, provides an excellent sonic-like balanced experience with a more realistic approach to its older sister providing even a more in-depth large sounding stage. It’s really hard to write more words unless you experience it yourself! Though, both can still be said to have different sound signatures, which makes them both great, if you asked me! But, who knows if the C12 will be considered the flagship model even though it sports less drivers! No matter, from here and now, it’s all about “personal preference”.

    Excellent technicality on all areas of the balanced sound with a superb sonic-like listening experience, great build quality, detachable cables, better than average frontal and depth, imaging, and wide soundstage.

    Unless, cables and sporting little accessories might be an issue for the price you paid? I don’t personally see any other CON’s, IMHO!

    Personally, I would had hoped that Mr. Wu would have really taken into consideration the unofficial name of “Punisher” as an added addition to this product, since it fits it so well! But for now, I want to also thank 'Slater' for the unofficial name on giving extra emphasis and excitement to an already excellent product!


    Hope this helps anyone in their personal choice of whether the C12 is right for you!

    -Clear :ok_hand::wink:
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  7. mbwilson111
    No, it means we are not to make personal attacks on each other. I read all of it when it happened. it was not nice.
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  8. DBaldock9
    I didn't see the posts that you're referring to, but I have noticed the occasional reference to banned items.
  9. lgcubana
    Just got the CCA C12 today. I threw them on the iPad, for a 48 hr. stretch.
    Doing a quick check for DOA: I was surprised at how clear the vocals were, without being thin or having tinges of sibilance.
    Aesthetically, I should've gone for the gold (literally). The blue (for me) is too much of kissing cousin to the Royal blue KZ ZS10 Pro; which I already have.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  10. BadReligionPunk
    nobody has some LZ a6 Mini graphs? Cant find em anywhere. Interested in that and LZ a6.
    zachmal likes this.
  11. snip3r77
    Just wondering anyone with the dt6.
    Is this a dark iem?

    I’m listening to this and there is no piercing treble as per reviews. Did I get a dud?
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  12. baskingshark
    The treble is not fatiguing to me on the 2 pairs I own. I would say the treble is just a bit north of neutral (I wouldn't class it as bright or piercing). What source are u using with it?
    The piezo drivers in the DT6 that settle the treble frequencies will sound a bit dull on just a smartphone. With amping the treble brightens (it seems the piezos need a bit of juice, contrary to the impedance and sensitivity specs).
  13. BadReligionPunk
    Reviews say its piercing? Weird. Nowhere close to piercing IMO. Hard to even imagine that someone could even find it piercing. Its bright, but there are 0 harshy or spikey peaks anywhere.

    BTW you just remeinded me I have one. Now I shall pull it out and listen to it before bed. Thanks :)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  14. NeonHD
    I think I might've just found the perfect thing to store my most frequently used IEMs, and best of all it looks incredibly dope.

  15. snip3r77
    yeah I'm using on the smartphone most of the time.
    when I use on my O2 , i think there is just slight difference with the treble

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