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So I personnaly confirm that IKKO OH1 are incredible earphones, sound and construction hit above its price range IMO

Here, its really about lower end lively and well resolve presentation, look like I never listen to bass line the way I do with OH1, every single bass note have precise rendering and weighty presence (not in a boomy way).

This and the great imaging and overall smooth treble make them stand appart. I prefer them over BGVP DMG wich feel more congested, yet more detailed as well.

My review is up on headfi and on No BS Audiophile.
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Following our Brainwavz Koel reviews, Biodegraded and I (two science PhDs with analytical background) suggested to Brainwavz to return our two review units for their reproduction of our results. Brainwavz accepted and the units which were shipped back to HK today. Brainwavz had always been very responsive during the process.

As said before, Biodegraded and I independently revealed and carefully documented fundamental sonic flaws [sub-neutral bass and bass extension lacking punch] as well as potential production issues [channel imbalance] possibly related to volume variations from their 3-D printing process. Our reviews were alarmingly similar to this one, which expressed the bottom line more unfiltered than us. Considering its flaws, the potential buyer should be warned.

Recently, I discovered Brainwavz's own marketing blog that pools the favourable reviews -- and which I found very disturbing:

Well, you won't find our three "honest reviews" there anytime soon :wink:. And if being rigorous and digging deeper is controversial, so be it.

In Brainwavz's defence, I have to say that the B100 and B200 were superb earphones [and now they are treasures], and the Delta is a good one, too (the others I don't have).

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Does anyone here have the dodocool a106 dap or the ziku x10 can anyone know if they have 10 band equalizer?
I have the dodocool a106 dap. :wink:
I'm sure it has an equalizer, but not sure if it's 10 band. I'll check once I get home from work.:thumbsup:
...I am in China, so not sure if it will be morning where you're at (depending on the country you live in). OK?:ok_hand:

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Leaving it out here too... did my best...
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Guys I'm facing a real dilemma right now, I REALLY want to buy the M6/DMG given how low the price is now, but at the same time my poor wallet tho...... but if I don't buy it then I'd probably have to wait another 6 months for another huge sale.

Decisions, decisions.... :disappointed_relieved::sob:
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I swear this is the last chi-fi I'll ever buy, god knows how much I've spent in total on chi-fi.... :dizzy_face:

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