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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Zerohour88
    I can't read any kanji to save my life despite taking a semester of it, but I do have google translate

    I think its warm-cool (left-right), natural-fancy (up-down), someone more versed can correct me on that
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  2. hakuzen
    thank you!!
    i expected (and wished) one of the axis was related to thickness (warm/thick vs cold/thin): hope that refers to thickness and not to tonality (dark vs bright).
    but the other axis has surprised me. natural-fancy, mmmmm.. i expected tonality here, and not timbre. but this is good, because overall tonality can be described while talking about bass, mids, and highs.
  3. Otto Motor
    Brainwavz B400 and B200 v1.

    For the last two months, I have evaluated three pairs of the B400. The first pair ($229 CAD, "back-to-school" sale) had such a huge channel imbalance so that I was sent a second, and then even a third pair...however, the measured channel imbalances make me return them all for a refund. What I had actually always wanted was the original, black B200, which are a different beast altogether...described as a better resolving B100. And hey, the seller found a demo pair of the B200 and is passing it on for a very decent price.

    Yes, the B400 have a very good resolution but pairs 2 and 3 have a bass way to boomy for my taste in this price category...and the treble extension is soso. And the build was also not there...the earpieces look and feel like second-hand cough lozenges.

    I wonder whether the earlier B400s were better made and more thoroughly qc-ed - that's what some owners speculate.

    In any case am I grateful to the Headphone Bar in Vancouver, a great small business that has always been responsive and cooperative. Same with Brainwavz support.

    B400 LR.jpg B400 pairs 2 & 3 annotated.jpg

    Brainwavz B200.jpg
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  4. Otto Motor


    P.S. Although I had one year of Japanese and two Japanese girlfriends (not simultaneously) in my earlier, wilder years, this was done by creating a pdf, running it through text recognition and then through Google Translate.
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  5. Zlivan
    Which one is cool and fancy? I want that.
  6. groucho69
    2 posts=troll
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  7. Slater
    So what does a ‘fancy’ headphone sound like? Or is fancy referring to the looks?

    This seems pretty fancy and cool to me:

    6D90F1D1-A231-4AE4-BD1C-6951E026BABC.jpeg 3E867461-0943-4839-8880-DFEEED8C1EA4.jpeg
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  8. hakuzen
    smart.. :wink:
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  9. Otto Motor
    I'd say the translation is a bit wooden and should have been something like "artificial".

    And, by the way, this kind of diagrammatic characterization can be very useful!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  10. ScottPilgrim
    Got these for around 80 bucks through dhl from Taobao on 11.11. what a bargain


    Next up ... Moondrop Kanas Pro. Please, canada post. I need my drug! :frowning2:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  11. Zerohour88
    I lurked a bit on his site, and it seems he also got to test the prototype LZ A6 (which reminded me of 64Audio U6), seems its also not that good yet. Still, its a prototype, hopefully LZ can make something even better than the Big Dipper.

    in all, I do prefer bisonicr's reviews/impressions though, despite the scoring system on Metal's blog looking useful (powercreep notwithstanding)
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  12. hakuzen
    bisonicr's reviews are more extended, but i love that tiny graph (considering the issues derived of google translation), and this guy seems to go fast to detect the weaknesses. did you see tenhz pro 4 graph? if i had seen it on time, i'd know how thick both p4s are; he states very clearly the combination of darkness with warmth. in the case of audbos p4, it goes cavernous, with overall reverberation being fatiguing. in tenhz, it seems to be slightly less dark and this helps.
  13. exavolt
    It seems that the banned sellers (W and A) are started selling the T2 Pro.

    edit: I just noticed that DD-Audio is already selling T2 Pro since September. I thought that nobody is selling the Pro at AE yet.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  14. Zerohour88
    He conveniently had a ranking for earbuds, interested to see how the EBX will fare (got one coming next week hopefully). Sadly he doesn't put a graph for earbuds review.|

    I guess for rough estimation on sound sig, its quite helpful.
  15. Makahl
    Finally, I got the MoonDrop KPE!


    Definitely, KPE is something else aesthetic-wise.

    Some things I wasn't expecting:
    - The cable isn't bulkier like it looks on pictures. Actually, it's rather smooth and neat. (although I think this silver will get greenish over the time)
    - The faceplate isn't flat [pic]. It kind of bends on the top forming a nice crystal look, it's hard to spot it on pictures but IRL this detail is beautiful.
    - KPE is smaller than I thought so the fit is perfect to my ears.
    - KPE's nozzle is bigger than I thought so I can't tip-rolling at all with my regular tips but stock ones (L) are doing a good job so far. I'm tempted to get SpinFit CP145 since it's highly recommended for this IEM.
    - Extremely easy to drive.
    - But... extremely annoying to store it if you like to baby your IEMs and such a fingerprint magnet.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018

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