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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. chinmie
    all this talk about T2 and T2pro make me want to purchase the Pro just to make sure which of you have the same preference as mine.

    i sold my T2 because i rarely use it. it's a great iem regardless of price, but the main problem it has to me is the treble has a harsh top end. the fact that the treble volume is boosted makes the problem more prominent.
    i use tip modding to reduce the treble volume, but still, i can still hear the grainy and harsh top end.

    so...based on some reviews here, the T2pro decision to fix the treble resolution might be the best version for me, but at the same time if that treble increases only in amount without fixing the grain/resolution, i might be paying double for a two fold increase of problem...

    hhmmmm... i should scout around to find someone in my town who owns it to try out before i buy
  2. Dobrescu George
    Absolutely try to find someone who has it as well, because I can't guarantee it has a smoother overall texture or less grain...
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  3. Slater
    BTW, anyone who is looking for a bargain, the HiFi Walker A7 is still available on Amazon for $20.

    I’ve been listening to it all evening, and it is a bargain for that price.

    - Comfortable to wear
    - Braided MMCX cable
    - Super nice carry case
    - Great sound
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  4. Otto Motor
    I would not be surprised if the T2 lookalike (LA) had the T2 in them...after all, the LA are a double dynamic driver earphone. Another item by that brand had the same sound/drivers/guts as one from a Swedish company. What speaks against this is that the Phonograph, in their review, gave a relatively low score...but, then again, they have not reviewed the T2. And they don't know what soundstage, resolution, layering etc. is.
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  5. 1clearhead
    Magaosi MGS-401 fits the bill. :wink:
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  6. antdroid
    Quoting a ton of people and also already posted this on one of the other threads but let me say a few things about my review and measurements:

    First - I had a pre-release model of the T2 Pro. I got it in August, prior to it shipping in October. My model had missing screens whereas the release model did not. Because of this difference, I no longer can say if mine is exactly like how the new ones are.

    Second - I measured the T2 Pro to the T2. I bought the T2 in March. According to @Slater , his older T2 had blue stuff under the screen. This, in his testing, showed a major impact to bass. Removing it brought bass back. It is very possible that @Dobrescu George may have had a T2 with this blue stuff?

    Third - Ishca posted his measurements of the T2 Pro vs T2 on a different forum and we compared notes and his T2 Pro vs T2 did not really look at all like my T2 vs T2 Pro in the upper mids/treble region. It wasn't as extreme (IIRC) as @crabdog 's measurements though, but enough for him not to like it.

    Fourth - I thought the T2 Pro vs T2 was pretty much the same as what @Dobrescu George stated -- just better extended, more detailed, better soundstage, etc. Didnt find it sibilant.

    Finally, I gave both my T2 and T2 Pro away to people so I dont have them anymore to compare. I could get it back I guess.
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  7. exavolt
    I believe that the brand name is actually Y***oo.

    I am interested in that as well, as from the design and from the reviews (even the price and model name?), it seems that they were designed to take on T2.

    Looking at their other reviews, I expect them to give low score to the T2 too. It seems that they have a bit unique taste (edit: well, everyone has).
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  8. april435
    I’m waiting for Y****o V2 to arrive, too. Judging by that one review on PrimeAudio, the V2 is everything I wanted from the Tin Audio T2. The T2 [ in my opinion ] lacks some bass and warmth in the midrange and also has just a touch too much treble. Also, hopefully the 2-pin connectors are more durable than the MMCX ones.

    I wonder what happens if we all just start adressing that specific brand by their name. Are the mods going to just ban everyone? Close the thread? Maybe we should start doing that just for the hell of it, haha.
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  9. silverfishla
    If that’s the T2 knockoff everybody’s NOT talking about, I wouldn’t call it a knockoff, just competition. It’s got vents in the back, is a relatively different shape, and has USA drivers (hooray USA!). Now, if only Kinboofi would make an iem...I just love that name. Kinboofi.
  10. crabdog
    It's actually a Dual Diaphragm, not a Dual Dynamic. I made the same mistake at first. Internally that and the T2 are very different beasts and their sound signatures are also very different.
    That one likes a bit of extra juice. If you have something to amp it with give it a shot. Having said that it will still work fine straight from a phone.
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  11. Nimweth
    I don't think it's the same, the T2 is a dual dynamic, 10mm+6mm. The LA is single dynamic with a dual diaphragm.
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  12. Nimweth
    Yes, that's right. I use a Fiio A5 with my Hifiwalker H2 and the V2 comes alive.
  13. tripside
    Never had a bad experience with the banned store. Very prompt in their replies.Quick to resolve issues. For whatever weight it may carry , it has a higher rating on ali than everyone’s favourite hck. Not to mention free shipping. Who doesn’t like free shipping ?
  14. thejoker13
    AK KINBOOFI MK4 4BA Balanced Armature In Ear Earphone HIFI Monitoring Earphone Detachable MMCX Cable with Cooper facepanel
    It looks pretty sweet!
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  15. trellus
    Oh, wow, those look great! I wonder why there is a HiFi Walker A7 Plus for $10 more? Can't be 50% better... also sadly, it looks like they used to sell a HiFi Walker A7 Air model that was a BT variant, that would be great!

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