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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. drawun
    It's them who-must-not-be-named iems.
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  2. mbwilson111
    This situation is annoying me.
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  3. Slater
    This is 100% true statement, regardless of the gear we’re talking about - T2, T2 Pro, or whatever.
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  4. silverfishla
    Hehe. Well...if you listen to a Bjork record or old school rap (electronic drum machine). You’ll hear the “pounce” sound in the bass hits. So bass and treble are both important for that kind of hit to sound full and rounded. Otherwise it’s just sub and low bass (you know, like McVie in Fleetwood Mac after 1976). :wink:
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  5. Nimweth
    Too right. It's silly and counter-productive. It's like H.P.Lovecraft "He who shall not be named!"
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  6. PCgaming4ever
    I really want to get a pair to try I've heard really good things about them maybe I'll put them on my Christmas list. I have so many IEM's already though and have at least 4 more on the way depending on how many I get in my lucky bag it could be 6 more . Also lets be honest here having to say the brand that shall not be named is getting really annoying and dumb. I understand why they are banned but we talk about them anyway in a secretive way and we all know exactly who they are. In fact I think it may add to their hype more than just using their name because it's like what's this secret IEM no one talks about kinda thing. Anyway that's my opinion on it and I won't go on about it anymore.
  7. silverfishla
    Honestly, I don't hear much (if any) siblilance with these. I'm using a Shanling M3s (both sound pretty bright with this) and Hidizs DH1000 (neither is overly bright with this). I don't hear any distortions in the upper range. But I can see how a lot of treble might make someone experience "sibilance."
  8. Nimweth
    They are very good, definitely worth getting. With regard to the banned brand, are they still doing whatever was deemed unacceptable?
  9. PCgaming4ever
    I don't know but if they are they aren't doing it on this form because of the bans. Maybe the mods should reevaluate the situation though since it's been over a year since this happened but I don't know.
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  10. mbwilson111
    I think it has been several years and possibly involved other people. I believe in second chances.
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  11. peter123
    It's been over two years :wink:
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  12. PCgaming4ever
    Yeah I saw 2017 not 2016 on the post I was not paying close attention when I checked the date I guess. I do think they deserve a second chance on this form especially since they are still talked about just not by name.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Yes, I have said in comaprison.

    By themselves, both are clear, bright, slightly sibilant, airy, soundstage-wide.
  14. Otto Motor
    Half-Year Anniversary
    I tried to bring this point across half a year ago as well as I alluded to the forbidden - the result (for the second): I was reported by a fellow Head-Fier and lost posting privileges in two threads indefinitely with little prospect of "Head-Fi parole". No idea what the ongoing purpose of this is...and happy to share the anniversary cake with the snitch :wink:.

    Unknown.png image.jpg
  15. Adide
    Is that you in the picture with your little black list?

    Sorry for your misfortune but couldn't resist.
    You're good man.
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