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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. autosleeper
    i enjoy the stiffness of the Symbios (ooo- er), they’re much less squishy and suction-y than other silicones. Try the stock tips first though,
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  2. randomnin
    Dictionaries, like kotobank.jp, say something like this on 派手: 1. Flashy, eye-catching (clothing), 2. Expressive, flashy (behaviour, e.g., crying, fighting), 3. Cheerful (behaviour). Go figure how that reveals in terms of sound.
  3. Otto Motor
    From a logical standpoint is such as shell only warranted if it delivers a very special sound. But if it doesn't, then it is problematic. Quite frankly, looking at the shell was the dealbreaker already: my ears hurt in advance.
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  4. Otto Motor

    Member XXX from forum YYY and I are presently working on a writeup aiming to streamline the measurement setup with the Room EQ Wizard (REW) software, which we will pass on to the community as a download. Our notes will act as a simple cookbook in support of REW's help index which may be perceived as cumbersome by the novice (including me...bloody 'ell).

    As a start, this is what you need:

    1) A computer
    2) The REW software (free download: https://www.roomeqwizard.com)
    3) A USB microphone OR a calibrated measurement microphone (like this Dayton imm-6)
    4) If you don’t have a USB microphone but the second kind (“Dayton”), you need an USB audio adapter such as this one between the mic and the computer’s usb port
    5) Female to two male arphone mic audio Y splitter (to connect the mic with the usb audio adapter; mine came with the Soundmagic E10C earphone)
    6) An external dac/amp with volume control connected to another of your computer’s usb ports (I use the Schiit Fulla but could also use the Shanling M0, for example)
    7) A sound meter like this one

    More later. I am presently on the "workflow". With this you cannot only check out the flavour of an earphone, no, you can also QC its channel balance, for example.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  5. crabdog
    There's some useful information there but I'm not sure if you've chosen the right thread for it. :wink:
  6. trellus
    This is great stuff, @Otto Motor! I'm looking forward to learning more about it.
  7. Otto Motor
    Sure! This is just a copy and a teaser with very basic information...I also put it into Crinacle's "Measurement Database" thread. I know that some of us here would like to know more about this...I'll continue over there.

    And so I do: you find the basic workflow over there.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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  8. PCgaming4ever
    What do y'all think is the best IEM for around $200 I am thinking about getting my first really nice pair for Christmas. I have been looking the campfire Comet the BGVP DMG, and the NICEHCK HC5. I mainly listen to rap so something with bass but it doesn't need to be over powering just well done nice mids and something a little darker so the highs are not so shrill though I don't dislike a little treble.
  9. Adide
    Instead of recommending something I don"t own or heard which is against the rules I would advise you to read on two more possible candidates: HiFi Boy OS V3 and Oriolus Finschi.

    I doubt any from list would be ideal due to questionable sub-bass extension which I assume you'd want altough some would fit the quantity bill in mid-bass (DMG mainly).
    I'm just speculating based on reviews, don't take my word for granted. Owners feel free to bash if I'm wrong.

    Beeping @crabdog who owns both DMG and the Boy afaik and also has heard the Finschi, he can clearly explain more accurately than me.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  10. mochill
  11. groucho69
  12. SuperLuigi
    Psa for Canadians


    "The backlogs are also extending to international mail and parcels entering the country. As a result, we have been forced to advise international posts, including the United States Postal Service, that we are unable to accept incoming items until further notice. We are working to help clear backlogs at Seattle airport and LAX."
  13. Slater
    Wait, so Canada isn’t accepting ANY incoming International packages?
  14. mochill
  15. superuser1
    Spoken like a true team member!
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