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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Otto Motor
    And they just don't process those that have reached Canada. I remember early 2017, when they had a backlog of 67 Asian containers in Richmond, BC, and delivery WITHIN Canada was delayed by up to 150 days - now it is 600 containers [but, as it looks, most of them in Mississauga, ON]. China agreed on presently not shipping to Canada. Canada Post will focus on the domestic Christmas business and totally ignore their international backlog [which is presently 30 days]. Even the expedited 11/11 stuff will likely not arrive before well after Christmas. Early December 2016 orders took up to mid April 2017 - even without strike.

    While the strike is justified, the timing was chosen to p.o the general public.

    Well, I was on TV 1.5 years ago on that topic.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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  2. Otto Motor
    I hope their earphones work better than their website :).
  3. farees
    watch my full review on KZ ZS10
  4. Bartig
    Say mate, do you happen to know where to find a video review of the ZS10 perhaps? :D
  5. nhlean96
    My first impression with TRN V80 is they're similar to EINSEAR T2 with boosted sub-bass, more textured bass and much more capable of detail retrieval. The treble and upper midrange behave just like the T2, at moderate volume, they are gentle enough with sparkles, not so piercing. Turn the volume a little bit, the sibilance is clearly noticeable and kinda irriating. Couldn't expect a Chi-Fi stuff at this price to be so well-built, the metal shell is solid, paint is smooth and not fingerprint magnet at all. They definitely worth the Hype
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  6. exavolt
    After ZS5, QT2 and V80, I've personally concluded that sub-50 chi-fi hybrid IEMs are expected to be sibilant (probably because they use the same BA driver?) and I'll skip this kind of IEM.
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  7. nxnje
    Then guys, sorry if someone ha Already asked but my device is currently broken and, i'm using now an old android 2.3.3 one which is pain, can't do anything but writing because it crashes grrrrr

    Anyway, wanna know a little thing

    Is there someone who has already received the Fukubukuro from NiceHCK and can tell what's inside? My packet is still at the airport and i think it's not gonna be delivered until january ahahahaah
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  8. mbwilson111
    Maybe they should do that in a PM so they will not ruin the surprise for others. Mine should be arriving in the country this weekend... so I hope to have it in a few days.
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  9. dondonut
    Mine arrived in the country this morning so hope to get them early next week as well, really curious!
  10. mbwilson111
    Maybe if we do post about them or want to share a photo, we could put it in a spoiler so that it is up to the individual if they want to know anything before they get theirs.
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  11. dondonut
    Yeah I was thinking I was not gonna post about them. Maybe how I like them but not more, the mystery surrounding them is half the fun.
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  12. maxxevv
    Mine is expected to be delivered on Tuesday or latest Wednesday. :grimacing:
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  13. groucho69
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  14. Ziggomatic
    This may be stretching the meaning of the word "around," but Musicteck has the FLC8S on sale for Black Friday @ $239, which is a really good price for a really good earphone.

    Edit: They do tend to get hot in the treble for some people, though...
  15. camikeva
    This sounds like a great idea. I also bought them on 11/11, but I don't expect delivery here in the U.S. for at least a couple of weeks. I would love to see what they look like and get other's impressions before mine arrive. As of today, these iem's are still being sold as a "grab bag", although at a higher cost. If we wait to openly discuss these until they are no longer a "grab bag" item plus normal delivery, we might be targeting mid-December!

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