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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Zerohour88

    nice get! I remember someone mentioned way back when it was released that its like a dynamic version of CA Andromeda. How would you put it?
  2. DocHoliday
    That would be me.

    This is actually a Japanese version of a Chinese game.



    Now that my friend is a beautiful in-ear.

    I've been hoping (in vain, apparently) that KZ Acoustics would use this type of finish on their up-and-coming flagship IEM. Wishful thinking on my part.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  3. Zerohour88
    I'd bet on TRN for such build quality, judging from their efforts on the TRN IM1. Might even see something outrageous for the 12BA and 16BA soon.

    KZ's too mass-produced focused to go for such design/material. Their upcoming 16 driver will probably be like the AS10. Better than using the BA10-like shell, I suppose.
  4. crabdog
    Yeah that BA10 shell is pretty awful really. I need to get my review of that one done soon but I just haven't been listening to it because of the awkward size and shape that doesn't want to stay in my ears.
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  5. voon
    Hm, what's the suggested ear tips size for the BGVP DM6es? SpinFit CP145 or so?
  6. Animagus
    I've just placed an order for the BGVP DM6 and Tansio Mirai TSMR-3. Will report back once it arrives. :)
  7. Animagus
    Hello! A lot of guys who have tried the TSMR-3 speak very highly of it. I have one on the way. Let's see how it stands along with the competition.
  8. crabdog
    Looking forward to your comparison with TSMR and DM6.
  9. superuser1
    Im surprised you didnt get a pair of DM6 ... everyone seems to either have one or they are on their way.
  10. crabdog
    Yeah, maybe I will be able to hear it eventually if any of the local dealers stock it.
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  11. Animagus
    Hello! Nice to see you here. Yes, I'll post a comparison here once I have them. DM6 might take time as I've ordered a specific color which wasn't in stock with the dealer.
  12. autosleeper
    I’ve had some CP145s on mine, they do fit but I don’t like them more than the stock tips. I’m using defoamed Symbios on mine.
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  13. voon
    What's good about those? I tend to have difficulties getting silicone tips to stick in my ear with whatever shape or size ... but I keep trying, because I like the somewhat more hygienic aspect of them.
  14. thejoker13
    Thank you for the link! Now I am really interested in trying them out.
  15. trellus
    NICEHCK still has the 11.11 mystery bag available last night and as it was only $9.90, I caved in and bought it.... also, caved in and bought the EZAUDIO DD4 ($10.75 now, still seems like a stellar price to me) and the PHB EM-023 in green, the last of which is going to my brother most likely. :ksc75smile:
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