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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Huxley
    I bought this, along with some spinfits.
    NICEHCK 3.5/4.4/2.5mm Balanced MMCX/2Pin Connector 8 core 7N Single Crystal Copper Cable
    BGVP DM6
    5 Drivers Balanced Armature Customized HiFi in-Ear Earphone for Audiophiles
  2. Otto Motor
    Just in: two frequency response curves for the UE900S, one with the pinhole open (red) and the other with the pinhole clogged (blue)). It looks like the sound would benefit from clogged pinholes :).

    UE900s pinhole comparison.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  3. rad7
    Thank you! I just ordered them. You are right, they are worth trying since they are on sale now.
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  4. Slater
    Good point. I'd have to hear it to know for sure, but judging by the graphs I'd rather have a clogged hole as well.
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  5. wavid
    Went for the lucky bag, D4's and a pair of Rock Zircons (not sure why I bought these tbh, should i cancel?)
  6. Otto Motor
    Maybe cancel the Zircons :).
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  7. Zerohour88
    I remember there being an outbreak of something at my university and we ended up having a one week holiday because of it. I stayed behind and got the job of entering all the student accommodations and opening all the windows/doors so that any pathogen will just die off from exposure (basically what the health ministry told us to do)

    totally forgot 11.11 is still going for you guys, I've already made all the purchases I aimed for, almost went over-budget due to some surprisingly good last minute deals and vouchers. Fukubukuro being one of them (missed the last bag which was EB2, rectified that by getting the NiceHCK EBX this year, decent enough discount)
  8. rad7
    How long does it usually take for Ali Express to ship to the US? Never ordered from this site before, but the delivery estimate on my 2 orders says it's going to take about 30 & 40 days. I hope it doesn't take so long.
  9. Theri0n
    This time it is better to add extra week for delivery. At least.
  10. rad7
    Oh wow :triportsad:
  11. mbwilson111
    I am in the UK and have had Aliexpress orders take anywhere from 6 days to six weeks. Normally when it is not such a busy time most things take between 1 and 3 weeks.
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  12. reiserFS
    I got my BGVP DM6 in a few days and oh boy this thing is a hidden gem.I can't believe what they manage to do with a $199 IEM.

    Literally thinking about selling my LCD-2. It's that good.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  13. Theri0n
    I live in a country next to China. The quickest delivery was 17 days by Aliexpress Standard via Swedish Post. The goods I ordered this 11.11 are to be received no earlier than within month.
  14. superuser1
    If they sent it through the Tarim Basin it would reach you faster. It goes all the way to europe and then to Kazakhstan right?
  15. Theri0n
    They usually do it exactly by this route.

    And reach Kazakhstan at least 1 week earlier than through Urumqi.
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