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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Slater
    When they do that, they're almost always looking for the crazy drugs coming mail order from China, like bath salts, flakka, etc. Sometimes the outside of the packages have traces of that stuff (from contact during the shipping process), so it sets off the alarm bells and they set it aside for inspection.

    Heck, the majority of American currency has trace amounts of cocaine on the bills (true story). Once it's contaminated it's pretty much there forever.
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  2. Wiljen
    Good reminder to wash your hands after opening those packages isnt it?
  3. aaDee
    Just bought the DM6 for $168. Got a hole in the pocket and a stare from my wife.
  4. demo-to
    My only 11.11. purchase is a 8 core copper 2 pin cable for my new love BQEYZ KC2
    For me just too good to be true
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  5. Slater
    Absolutely - I ALWAYS do!

    Amazon packages, normal postal mail, etc. If people knew how many hands and surfaces their mail and packaged touched it would make you gag.

    The USPS has considered ways to sanitize all mail and packages, but nothing has been settled on that's widespread and standardized yet.

  6. tripside
    A lot of stores have removed the option to use Ali select coupons. Never seen that happen before.
  7. Dcell7
    After reading your review of EZAUDIO D4 i have ordered one. Now you have convinced me to buy the lucky bag too :ksc75smile:
  8. Bartig
    So curious for these now. Thanks!

    Clever concept! :)
  9. Otto Motor
    Interesting: 520 fukubukuro available but 636 orders submitted. I hope not to get a Rock Zircon :).
  10. mbwilson111
    I know... seems he managed to source some more. I wonder if late purchasers will wait longer for a new batch. It will not be a Rock Zircon :)
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  11. rad7
    I've been away from head-fi for a long time & now decided to buy another cheap IEM. I almost bought the EZAudio D4 as it received a lot of praise here, but the reviews described these IEMs as having a bright signature. I'm very treble sensitive & I usually like a warm, bassy sound signature. I love to listen to chillout trance, chillstep & liquid dnb at moderate volume levels for extended periods of time. Currently, I alternate between KZ ZST & KZ ZS3. The ZST hurts my ears after a while & the ZS3 sometimes sounds too muddy.

    Do you think the D4s are still right for me? If no, do you have any other alternatives below $20? I prefer if they have a small footprint (I tend to sleep with my IEMs) & an inline mic would be nice as well. Thank you.
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  12. Otto Motor
    No piercing treble and not really bassy either. The tinge of brightness comes from a life in the upper midrange and lower treble - but it is not dramatic. As to the bass: it is somewhat realistic - I find it very good. For $7.99 it is worth a try.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
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  13. rad7
    Thank you!
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  14. Theri0n
    Mine is almost the same, but MMCX and 2 spin fits. Mission complete.
  15. SciOC
    Why on Earth are you letting your wife know? Get them delivered to your office or a buddies house....

    It's a common misconception that most harmful viruses and bacteria can live "out in the open" or on most surfaces for very long. A very large percentage die rather quickly. Stuff lives on your skin/hands an even shorter amount of time generally.

    There are some exceptions of course (norovirus, c.diff) but mostly, if you let something sit for a couple hours in open air, a lot of germs will just die. Really your hands are probably pretty clean (minus deposits) after a few minutes.

    The obvious solution if it was deemed necessary is just running everything through a UVC lit area.

    If you're obsessive compulsive like me, the phonesoap is a great product btw.

    Also, still some crazy good 11.11 deals. Toneking BL1 for 172.... I don't need it, I don't need it I don't need it!

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