Cayin N3 Hi-Res DAP with AKM4490 DAC, apt-X Bluetooth, and Line, USB & Coax Out for $150

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Jan 31, 2017.
  1. miguelpp
    Thank you for the clarification! I will try a usb connection to Hugo, then.

    If I may ask another thing: when I connect N3 as a Bluetooth digital source to my car radio, I can play all PCM files (tested up to 24/192) but the DSD ones fail with N3 displaying something like "play failed. File type not supported ". Is there a way to overcome this? I believe the pcm files are being downsampled, so I don't know if (similar to that approach) it is possible to have the dsd ones converted on-the-fly...
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  2. fourrobert13
    I believe this is a limitation of Bluetooth and not the N3. Other DAPs similar to the N3 have the same issue.
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  3. Andykong
    The BT transmission from N3 is topped at 44.1kHz, all PCM above 44.1kHz will be downsampled. Theoretically you can also transcode DSD to PCM and then downsample to 44.1kHz for BT transmission, but that will require hefty processing power and the N3 MCU is not strong enough to cover that kind of real-time transcoding. For this reason, DSD is not supported in BT transmission.
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  4. miguelpp
    OK, understood!

    Let me add I am really enjoying N3. Good job, guys!
  5. musedesign
    Dear CayinSupport,
    Thank you for getting back to me !

    Listening to "Cowboy Junkies Live at The Ark" Binaural sounding good. To clarify, what is the highest resolution file that will play through both USB > coaxial and headphone out put ? DSD64 ?

    Also is there a diagram for the menus? I am having difficulty with navigation. I understand the buttons; Menu, Previous, Return, Next and Play buttons, but the submenus are not clear.

    - Mark
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  6. mbwilson111
    Thanks for the reminder! I have this but have not listened yet. I have spent many hours at the Ann Arbor Ark but sadly I never saw them when they played there.
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  7. musedesign
    mbwilon111 it is a great recording, very intimate. Any must have recording suggestions ?

    - Mark
  8. CayinSupport
    DSD64 is the highest resolution file for N3 that will play through USB to coaxial out.And N3 can support upto DSD256 files locally through headphone. For diagram for the submenu, you could kindly refer to N3 manual:
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  9. Stratplayer_67
    Hi all, very much a newbie to this hi-res lark but have always loved my music. So I got my N3 for Xmas, I'd ordered it for myself as a Christmas pressie from my OH, as I knew this was the DAP I wanted after doing several weeks of research and reading from page 1 of this thread to about 200 odd (now finished reading it and up to date) - thanks to all of you for helping my decision and also loads of respect to Andy Kong and Cayin - I've never witnessed such customer interaction before through a forum, very impressive!
    I was going to go with a Fiio - we bought our 12 yo son an M3 last Xmas - but then got my head turned by the Cowon Plenue D. Again, it was this forum that got me wondering a little - I think from memory it was perhaps a little buggy? - and also what with having to get some decent headphones (AKG Y-50's) it was a little more than I really wanted to spend. I think it was a couple of reviews I found from head-fi contributors that caught my eye with the N3 and finally got me to this point. I also managed to get one in a deal from AMP3 about a month ago.

    Anyway, now I've got it, what do I think? Well I love it! Bearing in mind I've only ever listened to lossy files on my Sony NWZ player, an M3 and ALAC files on an iPhone 5S, but it does to my ears sounds beautiful, I'm hearing things I never heard before.!
    I'm also pleased to say I've no pops and it plays as a DAC using the supplied USB cable off of the Windows laptop. I've downloaded EAC to my laptop and used a really good tutorial on YouTube, but I have a question I'm hoping you guys can help with? I have my album art, the tracks are tagged - artist, album, track number, track title, and frequency/bit rate - this scrolls when playing and shows up under Songs, but in the Music Category all it shows is unknown to everything I.e. Artist, album, genre etc. I'm assuming I've not set something up right; I've tried searching in the thread and Google but can't find an answer to this. Like I say, I am very new to this technology and terminology, so please go easy on me!
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  10. DBaldock9
    Which programs on your PC are you using, to verify that all the tracks are tagged the way you expected, by EAC?
  11. Andykong
    Did you update your Music Library? The command is available in the Music Library menu,
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  12. antdroid
    I added a wireless qi charging pad to my N3. Works!

    The first pic is a tad blurry.

    The charging receiver I used was the Nillkin Short Type C pad.
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  13. Stratplayer_67
    Ah, I'm not using any other program than EAC. Like I said, I really know nothing about formatting music, I've only ever used Windows Media Player to rip CDs before lol! I've only put 2 albums onto the N3 so far but when I'm playing the tracks it's scrolling the correct artist, album,track number and track title, but in Music Categories it doesn't list the 2 separate albums. Will a separate program correct this?
  14. Stratplayer_67
    Yes I did that. I've only loaded 2 albums so far but when playing either the tracks scroll with the correct artist, album, track number and track title. However, if I go into Music Categories and look in Album, it says Unknown album, Genre = Unknown Genre, and Artist = Unknown artist. Playlist and Songs seems fine. I know it's something I'm doing wrong but don't know what?
  15. gordolindsay
    What format are you using? If you're ripping to .wav, then yeah, it wont show tags. If you're using .flac, then there's something else not right.
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