cayin n3
  1. jrtinz

    Cayin N3 - Sync/Update results in multiple titles

    Good day to all... I have a Cayin N3, and sync my music using MusicBee on my computer. When I add music to my PC library and sync with my DAC and then select "Update the Music Library" on the Cayin, it adds additional entries to my songlist. This is cumulative, each sync adds to the multiple...
  2. H

    Couple questions re my Cayin N3 DAP

    Hi there new to the group. Been lurking for a while. Got a Cayin N3 LOVE IT -- like totally love it. Couple questions tho: Mine will only charge up to 93% not sure why -- doesn't pose a problem but I am wondering if there is a fix? Also I would like to set it up to default to direct out...
  3. A

    Sennheiser pxc 550 with DAP Cayin N3

    I have 2pc cayin n3 2pc lg g4 and 1 redmi note 3 (all android based) Headphone realated : Sennheiser hd 4.40bt and pxc 550 For first, i can pair hd 4.40bt with everything. But i must into pairing mode at headphone by hold button. The led blink red and blue. So the hd 4.40 is discoverable...
  4. E

    Help me decide or recommend me DAC/Amp for my PC

    Hello everyone... I plan to buy a decent sounding dac/amp for my PC. So far i've been looking at Fulla 2 but then i discover cayin n3 which have a usb dac function. I like warm sounding sound signature and i heard that chip that those two use have that signature. Cayin n3 is a dap so...
  5. nmatheis

    Cayin N3 Hi-Res DAP with AKM4490 DAC, apt-X Bluetooth, and Line, USB & Coax Out for $150

    Hi all. @Andykong recently hinted at a new Cayin DAP, and I'm excited to share it with you today. It'll be officially announced at CanJam New York, but here's a sneak peek... The N3 is Cayin's new entry-level DAP. It's packed with an AKM4490 DAC, which is one of my favorite DACs right now...