Sennheiser pxc 550 with DAP Cayin N3
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Nov 13, 2017
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Nov 13, 2017
I have 2pc cayin n3
2pc lg g4 and 1 redmi note 3
(all android based)

Headphone realated :
Sennheiser hd 4.40bt and pxc 550

For first, i can pair hd 4.40bt with everything. But i must into pairing mode at headphone by hold button.
The led blink red and blue.
So the hd 4.40 is discoverable even in not pairing mode but the pairing is failed. But when in pairing it is fine. Work as it should.

The problem arise with the pxc 550 which i order for expectation At upgrade.

I can connect pxc550 bluetooth to all android.
to Digital Audio Player like Cayin N3and i try to both of them.

When not in pairing mode i think pxc550 is not discoverable. I forgot about this part.
Pxc 550 can only paired with my phone when in pairing mode.
The headphone have up to 8 memory of device bluetooth
And have 4.2 BT .

So when try with cayin N3, i xan discover as available device pxc550 but when try to pair, the result is pairing failed.
I also try to erase all pairing memory on pxc550. Even to factory setting (on pxc 550)
And the result is same on both cayin n3.
I read somewhere the pxc550 can use pin 0000 if ask to. And bt is 4.2 and compatible backward.

So i think the problem is inside firmware cayin n3 which maybe not compatible yet to connect with BT receiver which maybe need default pin.

Anyone have experienced with pxc 550 ? With trouble at other device ? The pxc actually have reset factory firmware by using app on android (captune).
If the problem inside pxc550 it should be trouble connect with other device i think.

Anyone have solution ?
Regarding this bluetooth pairing connection.
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