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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. Soundtrap
    Dude, with all do respect, but it seems to me that you are hijacking this tread with so many pics of the same item, all at almost the same angle. One, maybe two would suffice. I just counted them, 26 !?
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  2. BartSimpson1976
    severe NTS....
  3. smy1
    at least it keeps the thread active :)
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  4. bluedolphin
    Oh No i found a new problem on my Cayin i5
    In 3rd Application app when starting an App after 2 and 3 apps has been started and stopped
    then the Back arrow dont work to exit Android App, so i must use middle button and get back to 3rd application the long way.
    Not sure if that is a memory issue (i am not running more than one app at a time not big apps)

    My player also Froze again Black screen and had to rebot.
    I must say is the most buggy player I have ever buyed

    BUT.... Cayin i5 is very addictive player is the best sounding player i heard
    Cayin i5 is king in sound.
  5. Creeepy
    Is there any news about firmware updates? They told me "Buy Cayin, It has super support service!" Oh, I see it rigth now...
  6. JaeYoon
    Cayin N3 has lots of support.

    i5 firmware development is dead unfortunately.
  7. Creeepy
    Yeah... It's normal for this kind of companies. The motto "We have new model! Give us your money!" and they stop support for old devices.
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  8. JaeYoon
    Very sad indeed. :c
  9. Andykong
    The back button is not responding mainly because it is waiting/queuing up. On some occasion the go back action will kick in after a few second ... when the previous process has timed out and release the resource they have locked up, but you are quite right that the Home button is the natural choice when we encounter issues like this.

    Have you tried the Task killer button a the bottom of third party app drawer? or before you switch to third party app, stop the native HiBymusic app by pressing the play/pause button for few second (i5 will jump to home screen after that).

    One of the major different between i5 and your mobile phone is the limited MCU and internal memory resource. The MCU is significantly less powerful when compare to current generation of mobile phone, and we only have 1GB RAM in the i5. As DAP, the i5 hardware is more then enough, but when you used it like a generic Android device and focused on Hi-Res audio apps which are by nature on the high side of resource consumption, the i5 is under pressure. Even when you claim that you are "not running more than one app at a time", a lot of app will leave behind background tasks that will hold up memory and resource in the Android system. that's why you need to kill the app. with a Task KIller instead of just stopping the app.
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  10. bluedolphin
    Yes i have tried the Task killer button, and it take time to recover so the back button in app work again, thanks

    I have Now a new problem Battery depleted again it was almost full and i left it Device turned off
    then when i turn it on today it say 0% battery flashing and turned off
    so now i am charging it again

    I dont find it normal that battery depleat when device is turned completely off.
    Oh, Wifi was turned on before device turned off
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  11. Creeepy
    Maybe device was blocked? If so It's well known problem. And nobody will help us I suppose...
    There is no support for Cayin I5 anymore. If you have some problem - it's your problem. If it is hardware problem - go to service. If not you ought to live with it )))
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  12. Andykong
    Gauge calibration of Lithium battery is probably one of the most frequently asked question in this thread, I probably has repeated this 3-4 times already and thankfully most users reported that the problem is solved after the calibration, so here it goes again:

    While Lithium battery installed in i5 does not have memory effect, it does has what we called inaccurate gauge issue, and this problem is quite common when a battery has been idled and/or drained for a long time. If you run into inaccurate battery reading or sudden power off when the duration period didn't add up, I suggest you do a gauge calibration to verify the problem. In fact this is something that we all should be doing occasionally. I normally do this after 15-20 charging cycle (2 times 50% charging is count as one cycle) An inaccurate gauge can lead to the fact that the the battery capacity values are are wrong. The battery may report that it still has reasonable capacity when in fact it has a much lower value, and this causes the computer to shutdown unexpectedly. You can google the terms "Calibrate Gauge" on Lithium Battery.

    To calibrate the gauge of a lithium battery, you simply need to do a full discharge followed by a full charge, so this is what I advice:
    1. Turn on the LED screen to maximum brightness and set the screen to "always on", keep it running until the player turn off itself.
    2. Charge the battery overnight, till you see 99% or 100% on the meter
    3. Set the screen to minimum brightness and 30sec duration only, set it to playback on any CD quality files (Wav or FLAC) continuously til the player power off again. Keep the screen off and check the battery reading every hour, and drop down the battery readings for record.

    Hopefully the duration and accuracy of battery reading will go back to an acceptable level after the calibration.
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  13. professor55
    So much for that “no support” thing. We appreciate your replies Andy Kong.
  14. Andykong
    Thanks for the kind word, that means a lot.

    I understand the i5 firmware team has not been working up to some customer's expectation, but that doesn't mean I can cut corners on my job, and I am merely doing what I have been done since the first say we started the i5 product thread. :beerchug:
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  15. smy1
    Any news on i5 update? Maybe a little teaser?
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