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CanJam SoCal 2019 (June 22-23, 2019)

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  1. Watagump

    That's the plan, have not set anything in stone, but as long as people are down, we can go.
  2. buke9
    I’m coming in on Friday afternoon and not leaving to Monday morning so I’ll have plenty of time.
  3. Watagump

    Good to know, with that much time we can hit up some places.
  4. lalama
    This will be my first CanJam. Looking forward to it! Any tips for a newbie?
  5. Watagump

    Yes, come by the Noble booth for the best candy.
    Darthpool likes this.
  6. jwbrent
    Will Noble have an audiologist to take ear impressions?
  7. Watagump

    That's a negative ghost rider.
  8. jwbrent
    ok, thanks for the reply. I hope there’s one there at the show.
  9. Veyska
    I'd be all over this if it weren't half the *long* dimension of California away. Possibly even if it was and I didn't have a non-wifi-able commitment on Sunday evenings, but all that fuss for just one day's worth seems excessive. Plus, as much as I'd love to listen to other models of headphones than Sennheiser I'm betting most of what I'd go "ooh" over would be more than I'd be willing to spend even if I sold my Sennheiser 700s and pretended that was "free" money towards the new pair rather than recouping a recent investment I ooh-shinied my way from so soon. :p Maybe next year or something (or maybe I'll be stupidly lucky and be visiting relatives for some other area's get-together, I seem to be cursed with being elsewhere/busy when they happen locally).
  10. Zachik
    My experience from past CanJams - audiologist to take ear impressions were working for specific vendors.
    So, if you want ear impressions for Noble, and Noble did not have audiologist in their table - you'd need to have your impressions taken outside the CanJam show...
  11. Zachik
    Wata - between the twizzlers and other soft candy you plan on bringing, I am sure you'd be able to figure out a way to take ear impressions, MacGyver style... :wink:
    (sorry if the visuals are too disgusting - I hate twizzlers, too...)
  12. Watagump

    My audiologist is not far from the show, but I have no clue if she works Saturdays. Been a few years, but both times I had mine done, $50 for the set.
  13. Watagump

    To be honest, I have thought about learning to do it.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  14. joe Administrator
    If you're going to CanJam SoCal 2019 and would like a SoCal 2019 badge on your profile, please PM me! (Be sure to note that it is for CanJam SoCal.)
  15. Watagump
    Joe, can I have the badge for year 2025?
    joe likes this.
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