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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. jaker782
    Is the WM1A more hiss prone than the ZX300? My main rig is the 1A using the balanced jack. Eagerly awaiting a report on hiss with that source!
  2. jaker782
    Has it been confirmed shell size is same, larger, or smaller than OG andro? Surely it can't be smaller with the extra drivers?
  3. Rockwell75
    I have heard consistent reports that it is, particularly at lower volumes.
  4. Bones13 Contributor
    I am sure its the same outside shell. I had Atlas before, and the pictures make the Andromeda look so much bigger.

    Can't answer any questions about 1A or 1Z, as I never could justify the price.
  5. Rockwell75
    Lol...I hope he brings them back :)
  6. virt
    Right now I'm trying the unbalanced source with the Andro Gold's stock Smokey Litz Cable and at Volume 20 on the 1A I am hearing a very slight hiss. I would say the situation on the ZX300 is the same for me. Similar levels of hiss, with both at Volume 20. It's not quite at the same level as Solaris hiss. IMO this is more acceptable. I'm still working my way through my playlist before I get to my balanced cable. Sorry!

    While I'm on this cable, I'm using both of these settings right now and I do agree that it (the soundstage) has slightly opened up a bit. I don't exactly feel the biggest of differences with the bass, but I do feel it being strangely a bit clearer? I'm liking these settings on it, although I would say that they aren't necessary. I think they do make it more lively in the low end though!
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
    NewEve likes this.
  7. virt
    The Andro Golds don't seem to differ a lot from the OG Andros as far as I remember in terms of size. They fit just as nice and perfectly in my ear as with all similar-looking CA IEMs.

    Looking at you Solaris.
  8. NewEve
    Hey, thanks a bunch for trying guys!

    My audio vocabulary is a bit limited and after trying these settings again with my CA Comet (only BA I currently own) I think that these settings open and round things up as well as add some warmth and, as @Bones13 mentioned above, lowers the high end.

    Overall, these settings seem to give the impression that there's a bit more bass, or at least, give the low end some emphasis (perhaps at the expense of the highs).

    I'll hopefully try this on my own sooner rather than later :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  9. tworooks
    how long do orders process for :frowning2: Have mercy, Ken.
  10. Rockwell75
    You may have to be a little patient...I imagine they're overwhelmed processing orders ATM.
  11. NewEve
    Don't know if they're overwhelmed but they are processing for sure.
  12. tworooks
    Ah, I know - just letting the hype get to my head!
  13. aleksandyr
    I'm looking at my green v1 andromedas next to my golds and they appear to be exactly the same size shell.

    The gold has (what I assume is from my memories and photos of it) the Polaris v2 grill and nozzle - it's a somewhat different angle, narrower, and noticeably longer.
  14. virt
    Yea I think they’ve (CA) made the change to swap all the newer nozzles to this longer one. All the new ones this (previous?) year I think all have the same nozzle, like the IO, Polaris V2 and the Solaris also has a long nozzle.

    My Atlas also has a similar grill, maybe they’ve also made the switch for this kind of grill.
  15. jaker782
    Thanks! Yes, I did try the longer nozzle when I auditioned the Polaris v2. It made a huge difference for me regarding fit. I get a much better seal with the longer nozzle than I did with the short, stubby original Andro nozzle.
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