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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. rodel808

    Sony ZX300 > Musashino 4.4mm adapter > 2.5mm balanced type 6 copper litz cable (Impact Audio) > Andromeda > Acoustune AET07 tips

    #0346 / 1000 here.
    I'd like to give my initial short impression...

    I listen mostly to R&B, hip-hop and long haired bands of the 80's but also enjoy any other genre.
    Some of the tracks which triggered some kind of emotion \ sensation within me as I listened.

    Amy Winehouse - Between the Cheats
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    Notorious BIG - Gimme the Loot
    Maryanne Ito - How I Feel
    Kashiwa Daisuke - Stella

    Bass coming from ba drivers that I've heard almost always disappointed me. Only the Jomo Flamenco had earned my approval and now the Andromeda Gold (AG) joins it. Most of the tracks I listed above has a strong bass line. A great bass line and drum beat is the heart and soul of music. It is that which makes me head bob. I recently sold my gen 2 UE18+ and I really loved the timber, tonality and details in the mid and upper registers. However, it's bass was very lacking for my taste while listening to R&B and hip-hop but adequate for bass produce by organic instruments like in jazz and orchestra.

    Kashiwa Daisuke - Stella
    This track is very special for me. It may sound corny but I use this as a test to see if "the music can take me to another place".... On a musical journey if you will. I listen with my eyes closed and fully relaxed. The AG was able to take me there. There are parts in the track where it's calm and soothing. Then gradually builds up to something chaotic.

    I will not go over the mids and highs as I feel it is basically the same as the original. I feel the bass of the AG is fantastic. Quantity, impact and rumble... It's all there. It is more then enough to even satisfy my bass head cravings all the while still keeping the same "Andromeda" sound I missed so much after selling off my V2. Thank you Ken and Campfire Audio. Much aloha.
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  2. BeerNuts
    Very first impressions here since mine just got here about an hour ago. Serial #482 ordered on the 20th so these things must be selling FAST or they are not going in order.

    Box is amazingly cool, love the way it opens. Do not buy an extra IEM soft pouch thing! It didn't say it came with one on the item page so I bought one, it actually comes with three in the box.

    Now on to audio. I have my ZX300 out and I start on the 3.5 and the smoke default cable it came with. Plug it in and give everything a go. Ok not bad I guess, nothing special though. I make it though half an album and I am already thinking about sending them back. I only got them to compare to my Solaris and if this is all they have then yeah don't need them. Finally I figure ok time to try something else. I pop my Solaris off their cable a copper 4.4 PWAudio No.5 and put the new Black Andos on it, might as well. I hit play and HOLY ****. The new andros explode alive with better sound, bass, clarity like everything snaps awake KABOOM. Finally they sound like $1300 and not $500. On the 3.5 and smoke cable there was a horrible veil that just stunted their ability. I have no idea what just happened. The difference between 4.4 and 3.5 has never been this crazy. Not even for the Solaris. Both 3.5 and 4.4 are on high gain, 4.4 is at volume 16 and 3.5 was at 18. No EQ changes between them. Finally I grabbed my 4.4 to 3.5 adapter, I plug back into the 3.5 and everything sounds like veiled crap again, so its not the cable. These headphones HATE the 3.5 output on the Sony ZX300. I will continue to test cables and outputs.


    So I grabbed my 3.5 lighting adapter and moved to my iPhone. Using the smoke cable and Vox to play some stuff. Totally fine! It plays great, no problem powering them. Nothing like the 3.5 in the ZX300.

    I then plug into my MacBook Pro, again no issues they sound great. There is now some hiss so I add the iematch. Still no problem they sound great!

    So something is up with my ZX300 and the 3.5 output, I use the 4.4 like 100% of the time with it so 3.5 probably only has like 5hrs of playback on it. I am stumped. Ill try the Solaris on the 3.5.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  3. Tristy
    Any more detailed comparisons to the Solaris would be great
  4. rodel808
    Hmm, funny how we both posted our impressions around the same time. It seems like cable has an affect on the sound. I don't believe in cable having a big affect on sound but haven't tried the AG with the stock cable yet. I'll have to try later.

    I think it's been known that zx300 3.5 is lack luster compared to 4.4. People had been saying that Sony did a half ass job implementing single ended. I feel the same even on Sony WM1Z when I tested it. Single ended output on the Sony daps sucks the life out of the music haha.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  5. NewEve
    Might just be the ZX300 limited power (and therefore dynamics) on SE…
    I am myself not sure: I prefer my Cascade SE rather than Balanced… to the extend that I sold my 4.4 SXC 8 cable for the Cascade.

    What @BeerNuts wrote worried me somehow, especially since I didn't order a 4.4 Smoky Litz Cable from CA as they aren't yet available (or out of stock).

    EDIT: Which makes me think that, at this price range, CA should really offer a choice in cable termination. @KB

    I know I repeat myself but did you try them on SE with the following ZX300 settings?

    - DC Phase Linearizer (Type B Standard);
    - Vinyl Processor (Standard).

    That should open-up things a bit.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  6. BeerNuts
    That feels like it may be a little harder than I thought it would be. Playing IEM musical chairs right now. It may actually be close enough that you would need a switching device so there would be no time gap while swapping out. It is not a hands down easy win for the Solaris, I think it will come down to micro detail and very subtle things. Perhaps even by song on which is better. Thank god I have 2 weeks.

    I will say that it feels incredible to have the andro form factor again. I sold my greens for the solaris and while I got better sound I lost the light weight and great comfort and fit for my head size. These are very pleasant to wear and certainly not a major downgrade from the Solaris.
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  7. Tristy
    The exact same is true for AK devices, the 2.5 balanced is SUBSTANTIALLY better than the 3.5 output. Just these manufacturers trying to get their format implemented as the norm I guess.
  8. rodel808
    I edited my post and yes, those were the exact same settings I had on my zx300. I don't think the cable is at fault here.

    I also sampled one song on my hiby r3 on 2.5mm balanced output. No hiss and also sounds great with a slightly brighter tone compared to zx300. For the record, I prefer the warmer zx300.
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  9. NewEve
  10. BeerNuts
    I totally agree at this price they should let us pick cables or give both. I don't think I have ever used my solaris 3.5 stock cable not even once. I will say that with the new smoke one it is way thiner and flimsy feeling compared to the solaris stock 3.5 cable. Close to some $20 cables I have from china feel wise. That of course says nothing about the real quality of the cable or wire inside just by feel. They removed the plastic memory wire which is a massive upgrade for me I hate that thing.

    Back to the 3.5 on the ZX300, I use DC Phase A Standard and Vinyl Standard already. I changed over to B and no noticeable difference. Everything sounds like it's far away or veiled if that makes any sense. I can jack up the volume and it gets better but no where near the 4.4 out. I posted a update to my original post using my iPhone and MacBook with adapters seems to be ok with the stock 3.5. I don't have the same music on them so it will take some more testing.
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  11. BeerNuts
    Mines a domestic Japan version that I edited to be in English. It should have no caps.
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  12. NewEve
    This is nuts…

    I'll get mine Monday and will be able to test them on same or similar devices: ZX300, iPhone & MacBook Pro.

    My ZX300 has 400+ hours and was equally used on SE and Balanced so we'll see.
  13. rodel808
    I think going the "balanced" route is the "easy way" to making their dap sound great. My Chord sources (Hugo 2 and mojo) are both single ended and I think they sound great. Heck even my LG V35 phone sounds much better to my ears than Sony's 3.5 output. It's just poor design / engineering is what I think.
  14. NewEve
    I saw that you mentioned the high gain above so definitely uncapped as far as I understanding things.

    I'd be curious to test it on low gain on the ZX300 though there's not technical logic behind this move or is there? (I'll actually test that theory with my CA Comet now—only BA in-house so far).

    Anyway, I'll stop requests here (we could start a CA Andromeda SEG x ZX300 thread :p ) and let you enjoy your IEMs :)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  15. rodel808
    I got mines 2nd hand and I believe it came from Singapore. Is there a way to verify?
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