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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Bones13 Contributor
    The Andromeda SE Gold only started shipping 8/20, with many of us receiving today. Total 1000 units though. I would imagine “processing” time to vary with payment type, and how many people start ordering, now that they are released. I bet they mailed all the pre-orders on 8/20.
  2. tworooks
    It went surprisingly quickly, as mine was shipped already today! They're on the Ball over there.
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  3. McMadface
    Andro Gold (sounds like a HGH supplement) arrived today. Initial impression is that it's the best TAEC implementation from CFA so far. I ran into some coherency issues with the Solaris when I EQ'd out the 4K-5K dip with certain tones -- the french horn on the left in the Empire Strikes Back version of the Main Theme sounded like the fundamental and harmonic tones would come from 2 different points in space. AG doesn't have that issue. Nicely done.

    AG is fast and detailed, though not as aggressive as the Anole VX. Bass is plentiful and digs deep, but lacks the punch and rumble of the IER-Z1R. Decay may be a bit too fast. Treble is well tuned, though it sounds like there is a touch too little energy between 2K-5K, or maybe that it peaks too early/high at 1.5K, leading to some vocals to sound a touch nasally.

    Competes with Anole VX and IER-Z1R, though lacks VXs aggression and Z1Rs natural decay that makes those IEMs special. Soundstage is slightly smaller on the AG.

    Surprising thing is how freaking uncomfortable it is for being so small. Sharp edges and corners and my soft ears don't mix, apparently.
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  4. ChaseDream
    Just got my Andromeda Gold.

    I will do a comparison among all my Andromeda collections like this one before.
    I just ordered one SXC 8 cable, and it shall come very soon. I plan to use that cable to do the comparison.

  5. gatesgt
    Hello all, I am new here at posting any opinions on equipment. Wondering if anyone has ever used an older Echo Audio Indigo with the Andromeda's. I just tried the SE Gold's out on mine and am pretty impressed. There is definitely a U or slight V shape to the signature compared to the OG Andromeda's. I notice a very fast decay in the sub-bass as well. Couldn't imagine the Gold could be faster than the OG, but perhaps the TAEC tuning has an impact.
  6. tworooks
    1. Very cool collection.
    2. Looking forward to the side by side! Here's hoping the comparison is favorable for Gold!
  7. virt
    Amazing Andromeda family! When I convinced my friend to get into “good” IEMs, he got a Snow White Andromeda right off the bat. I’m still very jealous of him, at least now I can also have my own impressions of both pairs when I get the chance.
  8. ChaseDream
    Thank you! I'm just gonna use Andromeda Gold these days, until the SXC 8 arrives. So far lots of things are going on just for one hour of listening!
  9. ChaseDream
    Just for an hour of listening, I now understand what you said : "The Andro Golds have a very lively presentation." The overall sound is definitely richer, and this thing can punch, for sure. But it's in a different way compare to what Andromeda S does. Man, I just need more time...
  10. Mlaihk
    20190823_105106.jpg OK. Had listened to my Andromeda family (OG 2019/S/Gold) for the past few days, together with the T800 which is also tuned to the Harmon curve, I can share my impression of them. As usual, as we all hear sound very differently, the impressions are of my own only, and your mileague may vary....... In testing, I am using my S10+ as source (I buy IEMs to use with my phones on the go, using good quality DAC dongles if needed), with Dolby atmos off, adapt sound at default (very important as it will cause hissing with highly sensitive IEMs) and normal eq. The ear tips on each are selected for BEST FIT for each IEMs for me (meaning no leaking of bass). So I used AET07 on the Andromeda Gold, AET06 (double flange) on Andromeda S and OG 2019, and Spinfit CP240 on T800. Volumes are adjusted to normal listening levels (subjectively only), which volumes set at 50% for Gold, 60% for S, and 75% for T800.


    Andromeda Gold vs Andromeda OG 2019

    Andromeda OG 2019 sounded very precise to me, almost to the point of surgically clean with excellent soundstage. Very clear and extented treble with no sibilance. Bass is present, precise, no more, no less. The clarity was exceptional when listening to instrumental pieces. Combined, the OG 2019 sounded like I was the conductor or the producer where I focus on all technical details rather than emotionally engaged. It is more like being and engineer rather than an artist. However, when listening to the OG 2019 for a longer period of time, I feel the sound is a bit cold. When things are so precise, it lacks a bit emotional engagement for me.

    The Andromeda Gold seems to give emotions back into the OG 2019. The bass is of very high quality, and quantity is plentiful without overwhelming. The mids and highs are warmer, without sacrifying details of the OG 2019! Granted, because of the enhanced bass, I get the feeling that the highs are reduced. But there is no loss of details in the highs. Just that the female vocals are warmer than the OG 2019. The vocals from the Gold is right in the middle with the rest of the music, where as for the OG2019, vocals are slightly forward. Male vocals also sound better with the Gold, and the instruments are much for prominent in the music. Bass in Jazz genre is excellent! where the OG2019 seems to be a bit lacking. All in all, listening to Jazz seems very mellow to be with the Gold where the OG2019 will sound very cold and rigid. Listened to Adele Set Fire to the Rain, Gold conveyed so much power and emotion in that, vs Andromeda OG 2019 is just like I am producing the song with precision.

    Listening to Orchestral movie sound tracks really set the Gold and the OG 2019 apart. The OG 2019 is trying to be as precise as possible, in a big concert hall. The Gold is more like trying to engage you and immerse you in feeling and emotion, albeit in a smaller concert hall (read, slightly less airy, smaller soundstage). The details are still there in the gold and instrument separation as good as the OG 2019, just more impactful and emotional. Enhanced bass in the Gold really makes me feel that I am present in a live concert! Piano and Strings are still as good and enjoyable as in the OG 2019.

    Overall, the Gold is much more musical, enjoyable than the OG 2019 to me. But OG 2019 is probably more precise and accurate. It is not about better or worse, just differences between them. To me Gold is probably more suited for enjoyment on all genres and much more impactful, versus OG 2019 which is great for cleaner and more critical listening to every little details.

    PS. Gold is also great for movie watching. Avengers series and Battle Pacific Rim were awesome with the Gold, where with the OG 2019, it was.... errr... cold.

    Andromeda Gold vs Andromeda S
    The Andromeda S to me was exceptionally suited for vocals. The bass is slightly more than the OG 2019 but the vocals are also much more forward. The Gold, however, is quite different in this regard. The vocal in the Gold is much more inline with the music, and it really come together as a coherent piece of music instead of vocal focused. To me, the Andro S treble and highs are more extended and detailed than the Gold. Bass is also present and slightly elevated, but my feeling is that the tuning on the S was to have the music complement the vocals, where as the Gold has the music conveying more emotions.
    The Bass in the Gold is quite a bit more than the S, in terms of quantity, and substance, extended a bit lower than the S as well. So on rock concerts, heavy metal, or otherwise bass heavy tracks, the Gold conveys the power and emotions a lot better where as for vocal focused tracks, obviously the S will fare a lot better. Again, different and depends on personal preference. Gold compared to the S I definitely noticed reduced highs, as the Andromeda S high extention is just beautiful, Gold is still good, but if listening back to back, the difference is very noticeable. S is very bright and additive in vocals and Gold is definitely for people wanting an Andromeda with more low-end omph.

    So in short, for balanced vocal focused music, Andro S hands down the winner. For general listening, and music conveying power, movie watching, Gold is definitely my top choice.

    And here comes the dark horse. The Audiosense T800 which is 1/4 of the price of the Andromeda family. Out of the cheap (relatively speaking) ChiFi, this one surprise me so much that I carry them with me almost all the time, despite all the Andromeda(s) that I have. T800 is very well tuned to the Harmon curve and I find very enjoyable. And given the talks about the Gold much closer to the Harmon curve as well, I think they are a fair comparison in merits (despite the huge price discrepancy). The T800 is noticeably harder to drive vs the Andromeda (75% volume on my S10+ vs 50% volume with the Gold). In terms of tonality, although very good, it loses out to Andromeda in terms of clarity from mids to the highs. The voices are more recessed than all the Andromedas, and just slightly back vs the Gold. However, I feels that the T800 has the bass nailed just right and beats the Gold in this region. The Gold's bass while plentiful and extented with regard to the Andromeda family members, the T800 done bass like no other BAs that I have heard before. The T800 bass is full, powerful, and slower decay approximating a DD. I keep wondering if Audiosense secretly hid a DD in the T800 to achieve this...... But details, separation, clarity, there is no comparison, Andromeda Gold is a step ahead of the T800. T800 wins in bass quality, fit(more comfortable wearing than Andromeda), and passive isolation.

    There goes my newbie, not even 2cents thoughts. The Gold has become my favorite!
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  11. NewEve
    Hey, thank you so much for the write-up, much appreciated.

    Someone here should have seen my face... I was reading your description of the OG Andromeda thinking I was reading about the Gold Andromeda: I was freaking out...!!!
  12. DunkFealer
    Finally getting some listening time. This is my first TOTL IEM, so it really just blows anything I've ever listened to. I've tried the Meze Rai Penta before, and these feel more punchy and impactful in their sound. The Penta is airier IMO.
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  13. NewEve
    Hey, welcome!

    From what I understand the Gold are more punchy and impactful, correct?
  14. DunkFealer
    Yeah, they definitely are, but it's not an overwhelming corporeal bass. There's tons of details above the low end though. Again, this is my first andro and only the second TOTL IEM that I've ever heard, so I'm not a great point of reference for comparisons, but I'm genuinely happy with my purchase!
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  15. NewEve
    It is for me, I considered the Meze Panta Rai although I ordered the CA Andromeda Gold and you confirmed that I did right :)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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