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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. 8481
    Had some time with my gold andros, has more bass than Solaris, female vocals sound really good. No hiss with Wm1z.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  2. robulation
    Darn it... looks like I might have to just bite the bullet... would love to know how it differs in clarity to the Vega.
  3. Mlaihk
    I discovered some setting issues causing major hissing from my S10+. So I re-listened to all my IEMs to formulate my impressions.

    Preliminary impressions for the Andro Gold is great for me! The Andro OG is very clean and precise in its presentation. Great as a reference but a bit cold to listen to. The bass is there but again, very precise, no more and no less. Very neutral to my taste.

    The Andro Gold is much more musical and engaging. The bass is substantially enhanced vs the Andro OG (2019), both in terms of quantity and quality and depth. I feel very slight reduction of the top end but still excellent clarity befitting the Andromeda name!

    I will listen to my line up of Andromeda and give a bit more comparison in a few days.

    In short, if the Andro OG is a orchestra, the Andro Gold is an engaging musical concert. I am enjoying the Andro Gold very much!
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  4. Tristy
    The slight reduction in top end comment has killed it for me... I have the Atlas for pure enjoyment, the Solaris for that lifelike gig feeling and was looking to get the andro gold for its analytical properties, sparkly top end and a slight increase in bass performance / extension as I was unable to derive any sort of pleasure from the OG Andros shallow (but decent quality) bass.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  5. NewEve
    Seems like I made the right choice--so far... can't wait to get mine :)
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  6. virt
    I think people who want Andro quality mids/highs and want a much more extending and fulfilling bass would love the Golds. I would agree that while the Solaris is very much a lifelike gig, the Golds would be a very engaging musical.
    But I do agree that while the bass (on the Golds) enhances the general listening experience, I find the comment about the high end to be accurate. A little bit more about the whole presentation (?) and just maybe a bit less analytical. Neither would take away from a listening experience though.
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  7. jaker782
    I originally cast these aside thinking they would be too v-shaped for me, but maybe not? I'm curious how the increased bass affects the lower mids and vocals? Also, I see you have a WM1A. Any hiss using the 4.4mm jack? The low impedance scares me, as it is even lower than the OG Andro, which hisses with many sources. Thanks!
  8. Mlaihk
    In that case, maybe look for an used Andromeda S......

  9. virt
    After taking my dear time to listen to the Atlas, Solaris and Andro Golds for 6 hours in I think I can give my very initial impressions about how the Andro Golds compare to the other two.

    The Andro Golds have a very lively presentation. The bass is much more prominent than the OG Andros from what I remember but doesn't necessarily overpower the mids or highs. It's a very good package with a surprising amount of bass. I think it still manages to retain a large portion of the analyticity of OG Andros but giving them a desirable push in the low end to make it a pair of much more engaging IEMs. The bass is not overpowering and compliments the mids and highs very well in delivering music. It's not so much about a more dominant force on the bass for the Atlas for example, but more so about every part working their part in delivering an alluring listening experience. I think this IEM is for people who enjoy the very detailed mids and clear highs of the OG Andromeda, but would want a bit more punch in its bass. Its soundstage remains wide and perhaps a bit more expansive than OG Andros, while not necessarily making any big sacrifices for the inclusion of two extra (bass) BA drivers.

    You can imagine the Atlas as yourself sitting at the front row of a rock concert, with the bass and drums right next to your face, while the singer is in front of you ripping. It's a very forward presentation that I don't think the other two provide. I love the bass on these so much, and they are definitely the main focus of these IEMs. They're not exactly making sacrifices to achieve this bass, as I find the mids tuned just right to accompany its bass, while the highs are still very delicate and maybe a bit warm. Compared to the Andro Golds, I particularly prefer the mids on the Andro Golds as they are very clear. I feel like the mids on the Andros compliment the bass and highs very well and that's why I feel like they appeal more to me. I actually the think the Atlas would be more suited to certain genres of music, for me I loved listening to all sorts of rock on it - its A.D.L.C driver compliments the energy and heat that they wanted to bring out in their performances and I feel like the Atlas is made for those situations. However, if you were to find a whole presentation that would be great for all sorts of music, then I would suggest the Andro Golds. The A.D.L.C driver is very energetic, and while I love it, may not be for everyone.

    I think people would find more similarities with the Andro Golds and the Solaris. I feel like they're both made to appeal to people who want the best of both worlds - an expansive soundstage with a bit of everything. The Solaris was more of like a combination between the OG Andros and Atlas, retaining the detailed mids and clear highs while implementing a DD in the low end for a good hunch at both types of drivers. As expected, the Solaris delivers on this aspect very well - although at occasions I find its bass to be slightly less desirable than I'd like. It misses out on the energy that the Atlas has, and while that might be very much suitable for the majority of people, I feel like that would be perfect for me. I'm not quite a basshead but I do definitely enjoy a good rumble of bass in my IEMs. Not to take away from the Solaris though - the extension and depth of bass are very well done, although I'm struggling to decide which one I prefer more. The Andro Golds have the rumble I want, but the BA drivers don't quite cut the job for me for what I love in bass. Ironic but, I think I will be able to figure out which I end up liking as I listen to both more. However, what I can say now is, both of their basses extend very well (particularly the Solaris IMO), and while the bass is greater and packs a better punch than on the OG Andros, I can still understand (and hear) that the Andro Golds house BA driver bass and its bass might just not be to my liking.

    The mids on the Solaris and Andro Gold I think are somewhat similar. The Andro Golds have more room for the bass to soak into (the mids), but the mids remain strong and controlled. It's what you might've heard from the OG Andros, and they're just as good here on the Andro Golds. The Solaris has a brighter midrange to my ears and felt a tad bit clearer than the Andro Golds. The Solaris had better separation between the lows and mids and I felt that's what made the difference. Both IEMs are great in this aspect but I find the Solaris to appeal to me by just a small margin.

    The highs on the Solaris and Andro Gold are again similar. Both tuned versions of the T.A.E.C driver prove to be effective in both IEMs, as they allow for very pleasant extension and thus improving both their soundstages. Although I should mention that the highs seem to roll off by a tiny bit on the Andro Golds, I thought that was just because I was used to the Solaris but more a/b-ing and I find that to be true. I'm not sure if the Solaris also has the issue but the Andro Golds was just slightly more obvious.

    I find both the Andro Golds and Solaris' soundstages to be again, fairly similar although I would say that the Solaris extends a bit more vertically, while both are alike horizontally. Overall, I can see a deeper V-shape with the Solaris than the Andro Golds, with the Solaris having a more "grand" and livelier soundstage. The Solaris remains to be an engaging listening experience, merging the best of both worlds, while the Andro Golds are more analytical. They're not as cold as the OG Andros anymore and I would see them being more appealing to people.

    I think the hardest part of using the Solaris would be getting a good fit. It took me a while to find a good fit for the Solaris before I finally settled on the Final Type E tips. Now they don't try to fall out every other second and has greatly enhanced my enjoyment with them. While I couldn't settle with using Spiral Dots, I feel like they are a good match with the Solaris. On the other hand, the Andro Golds are easy to settle in my ears and thus I can use many of my tips with it.

    Tips I mainly used were Spiral Dots++ with Atlas and Andro Golds, while I used Final E tips for Solaris. I listened to most of my music through Tidal using HIFI / Master settings, although I also listened to quite a few (Hi-Res) FLACs in my Media Go library, through a Hugo 2. Using an IEMatch greatly reduced the hissing on both the Solaris and Andro Golds, but I didn't like using it (no idea why) and I ended up not using it.

    My first time giving impressions and comparisons - hope they were somewhat informative.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  10. virt
    They actually don't sound as V-shaped to me as I thought it would! I do have a 4.4mm cable hooked up to my Shures right now, but I'll put them on my Gold Andros and try them out on some songs. I'll try to get back to you.
    Currently, I use an IEMatch to reduce the hiss (it actually wasn't there at all to my ears when I use it), but when solely plugging it into my Hugo 2 it has noticeable hiss.
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  11. NewEve
    Amazing, thank you so much!

    You might want to try the following with your Sony DAPs in order to get more bass (I certainly will):

    - DC Phase Linearizer (Type B Standard);
    - Vinyl Processor (Standard).

    Let us know how it plays :)
  12. tworooks
    you guys are terrible influences.

    order placed last night :ksc75smile:
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  13. virt
    Nicely Done.

    I think you'll love it.
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  14. virt
    Ashamed to say I've never tried to use those settings before. Would you mind explaining how they'd affect the sound?
  15. NewEve
    It's actually described underneath the options--and they do make a difference if not a LOT in some cases.

    - DC Phase Linearizer: "makes the low-frequency phase characteristics of the player closer to a traditional analog amplifier" > to my ears: a bassier, rounder, less analytical sound;

    - Vinyl Processor: "recreate the warm, rich playback of a record on a turntable" > to my ears: a more open, warmer, sound.

    Overall, to my ears, both options open-up things and add a little omph.

    On Beryllium DDs (CA Cascade, Dunu Titan 6) I have them off.

    On my BAs (CA Comet) I have them on.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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