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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. NewEve
    Don't—it was really clear from the get go, thanks again for taking the time for us… (And CA for that matter.)
  2. NewEve
    I'm weak…

    But again, moderation is for monks…

    And I've been busting my butt at work this year…

    Aaannd you only live once (apparently) so… screw it…

    Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 22.06.26.png
  3. robulation
    Nooooooo! Now I feel almost obliged to get them... 50hr weeks for nearly 11 years. I totally deserve it :grin:
  4. tworooks
    Went to a shop today to finally try the Andromeda's out for myself... Really enjoyed the clarity and soundstage on them. Insane upgrade from my current IE80 beaters.

    Only thing I thought it was lacking was a little bass :grimacing: Thinking about pulling the trigger on these Golds, but I'm scared :sweat_smile:
  5. virt
    If you're pulling the trigger, I'd definitely suggest the Golds over the OGs if you find the bass lacking - I think you'd be surprised at the bass it offers.
  6. virt
    Reminds me of the time where I worked all my time to earn money for the Polaris when it first came out - I ended up losing them on a bus a year and a half later. I'm still sad about that.
  7. tworooks
    Appreciate the peer pressure! I tried the Polaris V2 out for about a month. I really loved the bass (DD) but found it lacking in too many other ways. I know even the Gold won't hit DD levels of bass, but if I could get Andro clarity with a little more oomph...
  8. virt
    I used to own the Polaris v1s, and while I don't really remember how those sounded, I tried the Polaris V2s for an hour or two during my time in Japan. I found the bass to be more than sufficient for my taste, but I found the sound the be loose and seemed like it was all over the place. Strange, I feel like they would be the same, and I loved my Polaris v1s, but I really wasn't used to the Polaris V2s.

    I think the Golds have quite a bit than just "a little more oomph"!
  9. tworooks
    Very tempting, but so expensive.
    virt likes this.
  10. robulation
    Oh jeez... assuming that loss was drink-induced :blush:?
  11. virt
    Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I don’t drink, so I can’t blame liquor for it. That time was when I worked a bit hard for the day and slept while I took my Polaris out. I usually plugged it into my phone while I’m on the bus.

    Anyway, I woke up just when it was about to leave my stop so I left the bus in a hurry, and my Polaris was gone forever. Rang the bus company and unfortunately they couldn’t find it. I’d assume that if someone took it, at least they knew the appreciate the value of it by listening to it (or selling it).

  12. robulation
    God. I remember my first day taking my Vegas out in the wild. I baby my things, probably too much, but this time I’d tucked them into the neck of my t-shirt as I jumped on the bus to pay for a ticket, and my Vegas just fell to the rough pavement floor. Luckily, they still worked, and man their silver coating is really really strong!
    fokta and Aslshark like this.
  13. virt
    That’s great! I rarely bring any of my higher-end IEMs out in the wild anymore, I end up sticking with my cheaper ones like the Billie Jean, although recently I’ve found myself attached to Sony’s new Noise Cancelling Earbuds.

    Sometimes I feel like I treat my IEMs so well but things just happen and it all falls out of grasp.

    Speaking of which, when I purchased my Atlas last year in Japan, I decided to unbox them immediately that night and tried them on - they were in my ears when I slept. I was terrified when they were on the floor the next day, but thank god they’re just fine and they’re still one of my favorite IEMs.

    The stainless steel sure looks nice but the scratches man, the scratches...
  14. tworooks
    Thinking I may be better off trying to grab one of the smoky litz versions that gets put up 2nd hand. I can't let limited edition FOMO control me!
  15. Colors

    A&K Norma SR15 is an excellent combo with the Andromedas. Zero hissing and so very, very beautiful sound.
    Deftone, SBranson and theveterans like this.
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