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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. virt
    I only recently got my Hugo 2 second-hand at just below half its original price and so far I’ve been liking it a lot. Compared to the Mojo that I’ve used for 2 years, everything just sounds more fuller and, well, “better” to my ears.

    I doubt I’d purchase a nice setup for myself until I settle down at a place where I wouldn’t move much, but until then I think I’m very happy with my IEMs.

    I also don’t seem to find a lot of places to test DACs and AMPs where I live, which is a bit unfortunate. Usually they’re more readily available in the UK, but the majority of them are more expensive.
  2. virt
    IMG_20190821_235500.jpg IMG_20190821_235527.jpg IMG_20190821_235541.jpg
    I'm just a bit reluctant to open it now. It's a beautiful box. I've opened the Solaris before, and the Atlas. This one seems like an entirely different unboxing experience.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  3. M3NTAL
    Let us know which DAP or signal chain you use that works well with the Gold. Jude already hinted at them being even more sensitive to output impedance compared to the Andromeda.
  4. NewEve
    You're joking right :D

    Just open that box, plug these gorgeous little IEMs and let us know how it plays out… literally :p
  5. NewEve
    Yeah, and that :wink:
  6. ChaseDream
    It looks like that you have to break that little gold round sticker in the 3rd picture to unbox?
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  7. NewEve
    Yep, Head-Pie (@ExpatinJapan) has a photo (or video?) while doing it somewhere for the Polaris II or v3 Andromeda… :ksc75smile:

    EDIT: > There <

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  8. ChaseDream
    I like the design of Campfire audio box a lot, so I kept mines as original as possible. With that kind of sticker, I'm worried about damaging the box during unboxing...
  9. NewEve
    I agree… I'm also like this.
  10. ChaseDream
    Thanks a lot for the link BTW. Not sure why they give up the original little "Brick" box (The accessories are almost the same). The new ones are less space efficient with more protection from my point of view.
  11. virt
    I ended up damaging the box's packaging a bit which was below the sticker, it wouldn't budge. It still looks fine from the outside. Anyway, yea I think all the new IEMs released this year have relatively similar packaging (IO, Polaris v2 and maybe v3 Andromeda?).

    Right out of the box it sounds pretty similar to the Andromeda from what I can recall from listening to it(well obviously), but it has this very nice bass that doesn't remind me of the "quick" bass that BA IEMs have, and more surprisingly it reminds me a bit of my Solaris..?

    Currently, I'm plugging it directly into my Hugo 2 and I'm getting some hiss. It's less apparent after I play some music but it's definitely there, much like my Solaris.
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  12. NewEve
    Interesting first input, thanks.

    How's that bass compared to the Atlas?

    PS For what I see in your list, you won't have (or will have less) hiss with you Sony ZX-300 (actually less than with the WM1A).
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  13. Tristy
    What about the OG Andromedas highs? Are they still intact? Some more comparisons on the differences between the Solaris and the Andro se would also be good... what are the main differences that jump out at you? Thanks
  14. ChaseDream
    I’m sorry to hear that!
    I’ll miss the previous boxes a lot.
    Also it’s exciting to know that the sound has impression of Solaris!
  15. robulation
    I’d be interested to know just how good the bass is... I’m a basshead, and I love my Vegas, and the sheer compact size of them... but always open to the idea of getting Andromedas.
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