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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. darkwing
    hmm are you sure there is no click? i mean there is a slight click on mine
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  2. Taz777
    This one here:


    Cost me around 40GBP and I was able to pay with PayPal. Despite the general description, the MMCX 3.5mm version is unbalanced. The cable is quite short, extremely flexible and sounds nicer than the stock cable. Delivery was quite quick. I was able to pay with PayPal which offered me some security.
  3. Taz777
    You got me thinking. I used a bit more force and there was a slight click. I guess I was being too careful in trying not to break the new IEMs!
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  4. darkwing
    I'd be careful too if I was waiting for 2 months, enjoy the DM6s! I know it's cliche but you might hear new details in songs you have heard before, I'm still enjoying mine since getting them last October
  5. Dizzle77
    The DM6 are my only MMCX earphones, so I’m unable to try the cable with another. The seller has responded saying that they will refund the cost of ‘ordinary postage’. Still not sure I want to take the risk of shipping without tracking, so i may end up paying the extra few pounds out of my own pocket just to ensure it arrives at destination.

    I’ve probably just been unlucky and got a cable with a faulty connector.
  6. darkwing
    I think you might have just been unlucky, the TRN cable that I posted a few pages back , was only around $10 lol but the quality is very good, I have other cheap MMCX cables too from China, and they seem to be fine
  7. Taz777
    Just an update on my cable issue. My aftermarket cable clicks in nicely. The stock cable doesn't have good connectors on it. It requires careful positioning and quite a lot of force to click, and even then the click isn't a sharp click.
  8. Dizzle77
    When I received the DM6 I stuck with my balanced custom silver cable. I kept on meaning to try the copper for comparison, but as I enjoyed the pairing so much I never got round to it. When I eventually got round to it and discovered the fault it was already over the 15days dispute period.

    They’ve now said that they will refund the standard postage cost, but I may still pay a bit extra for tracking.
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  9. mr.karmalicious
    Tip update: I ordered a bunch of tips from different locations (they're very cheap; why not), and I got these in first. The large fit perfectly and isolate quite well; they sound great! They insert extremely deep, though:


    Definitely getting some of that inner each itch after listening for a while, though. I remember getting this about a decade ago when I used these triple-flanges with my E3s or E4s, but it's been so long that I don't remember if my ears eventually got used to it :)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, they're wide-bore!

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
  10. Yell0wBee
    Good nice, even it drills your brain :wink: What size did you get on the tips? I’m thinking of getting a few Comply tips, but I have no idea what size to get :frowning2:
  11. mr.karmalicious
    They came with 2 sets each of S/M/L; I'm using the Ls
  12. alexandros a
    HEAD FI DM6.jpg

    My latest purchase after DM6(see photo above), was Fiio FA07 and currently been waiting for FA07 to arrive here ....
    From a couple of reviews i managed to find about FA07, seems that those two are close regarding the sound signature....with the FA07 being probably more prominent in the bass region and maybe more darker in the vocal area...
    is anyone able to compare those two in terms of sound signature??
  13. mr.karmalicious
    I took some macro pics tonight, because @Hawaiibadboy is right about how beautifully-made they are. The link to the album (with some duplicate or near-duplicate shots) is here, and a couple of examples below:




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  14. niron
    They surely look great :metal:
  15. MariusAB
    Very nice color should say. This color and clear version perhaps was most popular so manufacturer usually have other colors first. For me all colors that i saw are nice - only transparent makes dm6 have more identity.
    Bay the way have you tested these with electronic music? How does it sound in low register as these are neutral. Low frequencies isn't too neutral for edm? As i hear some people say that these are made only for live music, like rock, classic and so on. I am not a bass head but also like edm sometimes.
    It seems mine already was sent so hope to receive in February.
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