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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Trapok
    As long as it is in your ears.....
  2. MariusAB
    Seems that penon don't have dm6 already on stock, because there is no option to choose any color, only some custom options left. Still waiting on A/V AE shop and still receiving fake answers about lost package and need to wait 10 days more. I am wondering how these chinese guys are not sick from their constant lies. Their motto should be - To lie anyway anywhere anytime. The lie is our truth. You all know what i mean, because this is their tactics with everyone. To be a man and to tell the truth - it's not possible. The reputation of this seller goes down down ...
  3. davidcotton
    If you just want a small decent mp3 player without streaming how about the shanling m0?
  4. gazzington
    I've tried it and I think it sounds lovely but the screen is a bit small for me. I maybe should consider m5s?
  5. niron
    Try Hiby R3. Amazing form factor and one of the best screens around.
  6. Yurushi
    So I contacted A&V regarding my customised DM6 order around a week ago, and got a reply saying it would be shipped out in around 12 days. Received a tracking number the next day, surprisingly, but I was a bit skeptical since others have gotten tracking numbers for someone else’s order. However I just checked the tracking today and it appears that Auspost has received it from China and it is definitely going to my address. What a miracle.
  7. MariusAB
    Nice to hear it, when have you ordered? When you really receive it, write there so we could know that A/V completing the orders.
  8. facethemusic88
    Any idea how long it takes for one to receive an order outside the US from MD after it ships? Mine was shipped on the 3rd of Dec and It has been sitting in Germany since the 9th without any change/movement. International Packet Plus service is within or about 11 days at the most. Can't believe I have put up with all these for an IEM...
  9. gazzington
    What seller did you buy from? If is audio and video professional centre then you may as well cancel. Mine were apparently in Germany for over 10 days. They are making up tracking numbers
  10. 21qz
    What are the best iems around $1000 tier?
  11. darkwing
    just in time for Christmas, what was your customised design
  12. facethemusic88
    Mine is from massdrop man.
  13. microphonic
    Actually it was your youtube review that first drew the DM6 to my attention - so thanks for that HBB - great rec!
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  14. Extrasensory
    Greetings from Thailand
    This is a pair of transparent red-blue DM6.
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  15. Huxley
    Nice one, I'd have done same thinking about it.
    Is that the NiceNck silver/copper cable?
    I went 8 strand crystal copper, not tested it as AV says 15 days wait for the dm6,
    plus didn't like the look of the cheaper brown cable so paid more than I liked.
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