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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. HungryPanda
    I have the IT01s and DMS, I prefer the mids on the DMS, voices sound better. IT01s has more extended highs. Bass is more impactful on the DMS. IT01s has a brighter sound signature. I prefer DMS
  2. archy121
    How did you get on with those cables ?

    Since my pair of DM6 have really calmed down I’m after One decent upgrade SPC cable.
    The BGVP OCC upgrade cable I bought is ‘nice’ and makes the DM6 analogue sounding with the LG V30 source. I now find myself wanting to inject some sparkle back and possibly add more sense of air.

    I don’t believe my DM6 can now ever sound sibilant as it did at the start with whatever cable I pair with it. Something has changed with it in a positive way for me but I now can’t help wanting what I don’t have :p
    I swapped back to the supplied SPC cable and found myself enjoying the slightly more sharper sound and remembered our cable talk.
  3. capnjack
    Penon came through for me, after nearly a month I have my replacement dm6:wink:
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  4. duyanh43
    After switching to JVC Spiral Dot on DM6, i must say on DM6 Spiral better than Spinfit
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  5. johnchpark

    I also have iT01s and HungryPanda is right...
    iT01s is brighter and stage is little bit wider. DMS is warmer and open (maybe thanks to the vents?). DMS has more sub-bass but can be uncontrolled. Vocals on iT01s compared to DMS is drier while DMS is a little more sweeter. But it can use a 2-4k boost for some vocals to liven it up more.
    But imho, the real upgrade will be to a DM7. At $300, it is a WELL invested purchase.
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  6. duyanh43
    Do you mean the IT01 or the IT01s (200$)? Because IT01 is nowhere near IT01s level and i sold IT01s the time i bought DM6 :D
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  7. HerrXRDS
    Has anyone compared the Ikko OH1 to DMS? Which one has better bass and more open sound?
  8. Cevisi
    I s
    I send my out of the box broken dm6 to bgvp directly and they say nah is not broke and send them now back to me

    Your left ones where broke whit that distortion when i remember i got the same issue
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  9. capnjack
    Sorry to hear about yours being returned.
    Mine had the left mmcx connector stop working or something like that, so I had no sound from my left iem. Apparently they sent them back to BGVP and they ok’d it and sent me a replacement set.
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  10. antdroid
    My measurements on the new DMS and a chart comparing the three I have compatible measurements for. All using foam, and IEC-711 coupler.


    BGVP Compare.jpg

    First impressions:
    DMS sounds to me like an improvement over the DMG. I gave my DMG away to a person in need a while back, and so this is just from memory. I feel like it's bass is cleaner, and treble is not as sharp and harsh. Mids are more forward, but still retains a fun v-shape sound. It's got a pretty good sound signature to me, and has decent to wide stage. Not the best resolution, and technicalities, but I think this is a good IEM so far. Can be a tad splashy on some cymbal crashes but not distracting.

    While not as resolving as the DM6, I'd take it over the DM6 for my own taste, but I find the DM7 a better IEM due to its better technicalities.
  11. JoshG1217
    Hey all,

    Does anyone have the OG DM6 cable that they want to sell? Or can you point me to where I can buy one online? Thanks.
  12. Cevisi
    From bgvp alibstore
  13. Richsvt
    Check out some cabling from Penon, look at the ISN Audio 16-core series. Great sounding and super handling. If those are too thick, they also come in an 8-core. Great product for the money.
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  14. Steve Guppy
    I don't use my original cable. You can have it if you want to pay shipping
  15. aaDee
    I was just checking my old stuff to get rid of...came across Koss KSC75(without foam pad)..and holy s##t...i loved the balanced sound signature(or probably forward mids), crystal clear vocals and highs, amazing separation...Suddenly felt like I was missing those vocals on DM6. I think BAs are not so good with vocals, they sound lifeless to my ears(Especially after listening to Koss)
    Any recent iems in the market which sound like KSC75 with slightly more bass?
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