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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. ballard3
    I owned and sold DT990
  2. jdpark
    I really may have to try these, as I really value realism and relaxation at the same time in headphones. Have been looking into the Mad Dog Pros, but think those may not be as good a 'value' given their 450 price tag. Also the Senn 600 are at 400 and I'm not sure I want open back, as I almost always have something going on, such as A/C.  
  3. Lorspeaker
    i havent take out my "other big cans" much,  since the DT150 arrived.
    It ticks so many boxes, does so many things rite...
    that huge tall deep sound.. that low rumble...
    that TONALITY..so easy on my ears,
    that price...
    evil smile...rubbing my hands..
    as for amping..i tot my E18 did surprisingly well with the DT150.
    I heard good depth on the can..v nice.
  4. nicolasete
    I've done my headphone research, now i have to find a dac/amp (and the money to buy it) ^^ 
    I'm also under the impression that the leash will cost 4 times more than the dog :p
    Do you use the same amp all the time or do you swap it depending on the task? If you have a favourite, which one is it?
    If you change depending on tasks... what would you use for (in case you swap that much):
    1. Movies (immersion)
    2. Games (immersion first + decent enough competition)
    3. Music:
      1. Jazz
      2. Orchestral classical
      3. Solo classical (solo piano, solo cello)
      4. Acoustic guitar (flamenco, etc)
      5. Blues-rock/Funk
      6. electronic music (trip-hop, big beat etc) (portishead, massive attack, proppelerheads, morcheeba, etc)
      7. cuban and other "world music" (mostly african folk stuff, mali, senegal, south africa, etc).
      8. stuff like muse or radiohead.
    Feel free to englobe as many as you want in bigger groups to save work :wink:
  5. Lorspeaker
    when i am at home, most cans go thru the audiogd dac n tube amps...
    if i am home alone, i take out the open cans..
    when the family is around n the tv is on, the closed can do their duties.
    When i am out in the city, the E18 is in my bag..
    but generally it doesnt get used that often,
    cos i just plug in the Narmoo S1 iem to  the samsung fone.
    i dun differentiate betw what type of music to which particular can..
    i skip from genre to genre...just to get a feel for the music under diff cans.
    ( the dt150 never got plugged into the E18 until a few days ago in the above post..
    surprised me at how good the depth projection is. )
  6. nicolasete
    Ok, so we are speaking about something around 900/1100 USD (around 700/900€) for the whole headphone+amp+dac home setup. (I'm guessing we are speaking about a AudioGd NFB10.32 dac/amp and a Darkvoice 336SE tube amp)
    Just wanted to get an idea of how much would take me to get a pair  of DT150 (140€) sounding fine.
    I better start saving =)
  7. Tiemen
    Hell no. I enjoy my DT150 with a 100 Euro DIY solid state amp. I never found them to sound good with a tube amp.
    Reading the posts you wrote, I think the DT150 will be a fine choice for the music you listen to.
  8. 396629
    Blimey, I don't think you need to spend that kind of money to appreciate the DT150. Any decent, powerful source and well recorded/ mastered music will do (although I understand from other posts here they will scale up nicely if you have the funds). Why not just try, and enjoy, the headphones first with whatever you've got. These are not demanding like AKG k701s or Sennheiser HD650s. They were designed for professional applications and are therefore able to work with all types of equipment.
    Lorspeaker likes this.
  9. nicolasete
    Well, right now my only source is the onboard sound out of my Asus P8Z68 V Pro motherboard, If i knew thats enough, I would just get the next discounted DT150 I see, but I have my doubts =)
    My CALs certainly sound great out of the mobo (it's a more than decent mobo), but then again, the CALs are only 32ohm while the DT150 are 250, so I don't know ^^
  10. Lorspeaker
    Just a fiio e18 should suffice...
    U will reach the first heaven :)
  11. nicolasete
    I don't really need portability, I always use my headphones in front of my desktop, so if i can spend the same money trading a lack of portability for better quality, that would be perfect =)
    A Fiio 18 costs around 160€, would you still recommend that model around that price range or is there something better than that taking into account i don't really need portability (then again, if there is not anything else, portability is always a welcome thing ^^)
  12. Lorspeaker
    Go to Audiogd website n look for the cheapest dac+amp offering...
    Then do some readg on tat...
    (Should be around usd300+?)

    I aint into portable amps much...
    Just utilitarian...bought the latest from Fiio n crossed my toes.:p

    Happens tat dt150 sounded v good thru it off my laptop.
  13. jdpark
    I'm also a fan of fiio stuff with Beyers--they tend to have warm mids and smooth/slightly rolled off highs, which compliments the typical Beyer sound to my ears. 
    After all this hype, I have a pair of the dt150s ordered and on the way from Gearslutz, and will let you all know my impressions with the fiio e10, by itself and lined out to a schiit magni (a $170 combo that's not bad at all in my opinion), and through an hrt musicstreamer hd + lehmann rhinelander via chord interconnects. The second setup isn't cheap, and sounds good to my ears with more punch and micro-detail, but is certainly not the best value-for-money depending on where you live. 
    If the audio gd sound is like a more hi-fi fiio, I definitely will be checking them out at some point in the next couple of years.
  14. privilege15
    I can definitely say that my old desktop DAC Creative E-MU 0202 can't drive DT150 well enough, even though the volume is loud enough they just don't play. What I can hear is loud lifeless sound with no trace of emotion. Everything changes when I connect the cans to 15V powered Quickstep... This is when they wake up and get their in born drive. Don't underestimate the power of an amp with these cans. An amp is a must for DT150. Make no excuses like "my phone can easily make them loud enough". This is not enough! No power - no drive with these cans. This why I'm expecting PB2 which is even more powerful than Quickstep powered by an external 16V Energizer battery.
    And as a side note. I can compare them with ATH-M50x which I also have. DT150 definitely outperforms m50 with a wider soundstage that suits most music genres. As for more private atmosphere, e.g. bard music where you don't need big soundstage, I still prefer M50 for closer sound and feel as if you are in the same small room with the performer.
  15. Lorspeaker
    i fitted both inexpensive (usd$15 from ebay) NOS RCA tubes onto the DV336se,
    and connected it straight to the audiogd dac to a McAIr...
    the DT150 is involving and punching away without hassle..very enjoyable.
    i didnt get a sense that any major improvement is needed.
    i am easily contented ..:p
    two hours later....
    i put the CSP2+  as an preamp into the chain....curious curious..
    my jaws dropped;
    the ambience..the forest mist...the cattledrum-skin's secondary reverbs...the distant light thunder...
    music to die/live for...now i know wat addedluxury could be had..:p
    If u dun like what u are hearing thru the DT150 now...
    dun throw away the can.
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