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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. nicolasete
    Jesus... 4 years and I am still to see these go on a sale (or even with a reasonable used price...).
  2. Lorspeaker
    used? i seen one sold for about 65pounds on ebay mid year...
    and recently about usd90 for another..with bruised earpads. :p
  3. asutaka3
    It came. I'll check if I'd blast.
  4. nicolasete
    I have to be the unluckiest person with eBay. These days for instance I'm looking for pc monitors and a cellphone and I'm actually finding that even the used stuff is more expensive than new products with warranty in normal retailers ¬¬
    The cheapest DT150 there is costs 113,62€ (89,51 gbp) used, and taking into account it retails for around 130 it's not preciselly a huge saving. The extra 16-20 bucks are well worth the warranty and the certainty that you are buying a new product in mint condition. To be honest, when I look for used stuff I expect it to go a bit lower.
    I'll keep looking, been after these since I joined head-fi (although I can't really say I regret going the cheapo way and buying the 60bucks CALs instead, having a lovely time with them so far -save for the awfully weak build quality-)
    Please, do share your impressions =) 
    (and try to keep all the hype-based bias in the Z7 thread where it belongs [​IMG])
  5. colt1664
    It just means no one wants to sell his :wink: they are well worth the 130€ though
  6. nicolasete
    Well, thing is i'd also need to save for a dac/amp and that it is more a whim than a need, since my CALs, thrashed as they are, still work and sound perfectly fine.
    Also, for me this would be a blind purchase and I don't know if they will sound as better than my CALs as to justify the further investment, so with all those doubts in my mind, i'd just like to spend as little as possible, hence the wait =)
  7. asutaka3
    After the thrill of receiving the new headphone, my first SQ impression was not so good. The track was Layla (acoustic) by Eric Clapton, somehow the BASS didn't come out so right, I found it lack some impact. The TREBLE was just right, not harsh as my DT770 Pro and the mid is way clearer. As someone who owns a DT770, of which mid is a nightmare, I was delighted by the new can. DETAIL is not as good as my 2 yrs old 770, but I guess with just out-of-box first listening my judgement might be immature. COMFY ? no biggie, the baby is a lil bit heavy than the 770, but definitely beat the DT660 that I just returned to amazon yesterday. However the rectangular shape of the pads annoys me, but not too much. 
    After just 2 hours burning-in, boy, it does improves that fast. Same track, but the hand clap of the crowd just beautifully pops out. The BASS is now present, not as intense as the 770, rather more precise.
    On 2nd track: Samuel Goldenburg and Schmuyle - Mussorgsky - Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The saxophone sounds just right, not as enlightening as that from the previous DT660, but not much less. The BASS here really shines as contrabass and cello playing requires some real impact, that the DT660 cannot reproduce accurately due to BASS-light character. 
    The love-hate thing for me here is that this can does have un-toned character. To some folks, they may find it boring. But to me, if it's how the music is supposed to sound in real life, it must stay that way: untouched.
    Biggest con for me now: CLAUSTROPHOBIA. The soundstage of the 150 is not (yet) as that of the 770, it's shallower. 
    Nuff said. I'll keep posting. 
  8. Lorspeaker
    Claustrophobic... hmmmm
    i just plugged the DT150 into the McAir via a FIIO E18...
    my old Karajan was more holographic than what i known it to be.  i am not unhappy... :p
  9. asutaka3
    Given my first 24 hour-listening and that I'm already used to the soundstage of my 770, I do find the 150 a lil'bit shallow. Claustrophobic is my exaggeration, however I hear things really close. Or maybe I'm biased to the 770 :))
  10. Lorspeaker
    Yup...dt770 presents the orchestra further back. Leaner sounding.
  11. asutaka3
    yeah, DT770 is no match for classical or jazz. But soundstagedly, it rocks. But one thing is well burnt in for years, another is just less than 24 hours, too early to judge. 
  12. jdpark
    Sorry to butt into your conversation, but this thread has got me really interested. I'm listening to Beyerdynamic 990pros out of a Lehmann Rhinelander, and really enjoying acoustic jazz and classical, but find them a bit fatiguing, with not quite enough mids for my tastes. Soundstage, layering, imaging, etc. are all good, though. 
    Is it possible that the DT150, which I see on Amazon for $270, would be a step up for me? I like bass and mids, and want smooth treble, (basically like most people), but also want to have a natural-sounding acoustic presentation ever so slightly on the beefier and warm/dark side. 
    I'm afraid of orthos (including Fostex mods) because I don't want a new amp at the moment and it only gives out about 120mw per channel.
  13. kman1211
    I think the DT 150 is a better headphone than the DT 990 Pro. Sounstage isn't as large but it's no slouch in terms of imaging and layering. Definitely a warmer more lush tilt but not overly warm or lush and it has unfatiguing highs. I find the bass comparable in impact, though a bit more upper bass. The mids are more present and the highs take a step back. Overall I think it's a better headphone than the DT 990 Pro. 
  14. MrTechAgent
    So what I see is a HD600 sound.
    I find the response to be almost identical, the 150 is just higher fidelity than the aforementioned.
    Both my DT48s and DT150s make my 600 sound fake and grainy, timbre accuracy of the 150 is some of the best I've heard.
    120mW should be enough on paper but its not going to be, at least 400mW-Root Mean Square for Beyer 250 Ohms, 400Ohms DT100s we're looking at a lot more..those are even more inefficient, more so than the DT 600s, DT600 Ohms around 500mW RMS.
    With ideal amplification and all that, the 150 sound awesome but... beware of the weird sound descriptions you'll come across. Almost as if people are doing Stand-Up.
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  15. kman1211
    The reason for weird sound descriptions often has to do with amplification, listening levels, and hearing. Their response is similar but a bit different as well. The DT 150 is a bit cleaner and clearer sounding with slightly more aggressive treble with harder hitting bass and the HD 600 takes on a more laid-back and lush almost wooden-like tone with some oddness going on in the 3-4khz region(confirmed by fr sweeps) which seems to be the main source of grain on the HD 600. How does the DT 48 sound by the way? 
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