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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Defiant00
    Stop making me want more cans!
  2. Headzone
    I found my DT100 to be more detailed than HD600.
    I can also second that O2 + HD600 is a really good combo.
  3. vid
  4. Lorspeaker
    i dun like to pit my closed cans against my open cans... or iems.. or earbuds.
    they are just.."different".
    That said, DT150 is getting most of my headtime since i gotten it.
    Never missed the hd600...  never really been comfortable with AKGs...:p
  5. exxecutor
    I am using DT150 with FiiO E11. Best sound when the amp set to Low Power mode (the hidden switch) and gain set to High. Seems weird as theoretically it should be the opposite. 
  6. Lorspeaker
    "low power" as in bass boost mode?  i extracted from a review mentioning this feature...

    " Features

    There are really only 2 features on the E11: a gain switch and an EQ switch (which is actually just a bass boost).

    The gain switch changes the circuitry to suit high or low impedance (or high or low sensitivity) headphones. The sound isn’t massively louder on the high gain setting, but has extra energy to overcome the resistance of more difficult-to-drive headphones. I’m not an electronics expert, but I imagine it’s an adjustment to the output impedance to better complement the impedance of high impedance headphones. Suffice to say, it works effectively.

    The EQ switch is interesting. According to the booklet, it’s a bass boost only, but the label on the E11 casing says “EQ”. It really is just a bass boost as far as I can hear. On setting 1 there is a very subtle increase in the mass of the bass (i.e. it just sounds fuller, not louder). On setting 2 it’s more obvious and starts to get a little bloated and flabby. "

  7. kman1211

    There is high power/low power switch which is behind the battery. There is high gain/low gain switch on the side and there is an EQ switch near the gain switch which has 0(no bass boost), 1(mild bass boost), and 2(heavier bass boost)
  8. Lorspeaker
    oh...would there be one on the E18 too? i havent tried to open mine up to check :)
  9. exxecutor

    I don't use the Bass EQ, always set them to "0". The info you quoted (impedance adjustment) might explain why DT150 sounds optimal despite lower amplifier output in that mode mentioned above.
  10. Lorspeaker
    Do u guys often felt the drivers reverberating on your ears?
    i am playing this song.."Ronnie's Samba"...
    getting a ear massage :)
  11. Tiemen
    Ah, yes, took out the the mids part. Didn't think it was relevant for making my point.
    Second, I suggest you read the articles. Tyll makes it perfectly clear that a headphone can sound better than measurement shows.
    Or worse, of course.
    So, measurements are unreliable! Outcome is highly depending on gear, dummy, clamp, ear pads, acoustics etc.
    Now, go back listening to headphones instead of measuring them y'all [​IMG]
    Oh, and since this is the DT150 thread, I will not go into a discussion about this, wasting my time and derailing the thread.
    I posted a link, gave a comment about my beliefs, you can do with it whatever you want.
    It was my last one on measurements.
  12. vid
    The part you included was an absolute statement, but the part you left out was the disclaimer of uncertainty. You say it was irrelevant for your point, and since your point was to have someone else make the disclaimer against 'my' absolute claim, I wonder whether your point was personal.
    As for what Tyll is saying - he's not making the case that we should abandon measurements. He's making the case for a better understanding of how to interpret them. Now, valid reasons for why you shouldn't just "go back listening to headphones instead of measuring them" you can find on any list of cognitive biases.
  13. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    I don't think they're too unreliable, I think they're very difficult to interpret.
    There certainly is room for error in the measurement process however.
    Measurements ARE measuring something that's objectively there, and are useful in evaluating headphones, 
    it's true though that the listening experience is the central point.
    Baycode likes this.
  14. Nytkim
    Is there a frequency response graph for this headphone?
    I was messing around with my DT 770, MA900 and Havi B3. I found out that I want more bright headphones with less punchy bass. So I have been looking at the HD 600 and the DT 150. I also read about the DT 250, Shure 1440/1840 and the Sony 7506. I kinda discarded the K612/k712 because of this. Also the DT 880 seems to have a treble similar to the DT 770 and I want something with more treble. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  15. kman1211

    The DT 150 and HD 600 are not what I would consider bright, they are darker than the DT 880 and K612/K712. I would look into the Q701 or K701/2.
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