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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. tomaszffffff
    Does anyone know how do DT150 sound with ifi audio iDSD nano Black Label? Would it be a good match and give it enough power or maybe I could do better with other portable dac/amp in similar price range? I've read some opinions about ifi suggesting that it is pretty analog sounding, so I guess it should offer good synergy with DT150.
  2. tomaszffffff
    Maybe Topping NX4 DSD?
  3. dakanao
    Just had a listening session with the DT-100 velours installed. I have the thick foam that came with the pads installed as well, and strangely, the treble quantity seems just right to me this way, while 2 years I had a similar sound, but without those foams in the pads..

    Also, the stock pleather pads of this old DT-150, has no innerfoam on it, like the recent DT-150 has; rather just like the DT-100, a thick foam set on the driver.

    And I don't know if I'm imaging it, but the sound of this pair seems to smooth out or warm up, after having them played for 15+ minutes..

    I think it was a new old stock pair, since it didn't seem used at all when I got it.
  4. dakanao
    Btw, there's no cavernous effect at all with the Chord Mojo.

    I can even here that ''cavernous'' effect with the DT-100 velours when connected unamped to my laptop though
  5. SHAMuuu
    What color is the driver? Does it have that white filter paper, or maybe those oldschool metal grill over driver.
    Maybe you have some super rare dt150.
  6. dakanao
    The driver looked exactly like this, and there was DT-100 velour pads thick foam sitting on the driver, when I switched pads. I'm sure I got a really early version, yet in excellent condition

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  7. IBJamon
    Can anyone give me the dimensions of the stock DT150 earpad? They look similar in shape to the huge Koss ESP pads, but are much cheaper (but might be smaller).

  8. dakanao
    So I got the DT 150 recabled with Mogami 2893 wire, and added an additional USB isolator for my Chord Mojo, which makes the Mojo smoother and more natural.

    Omg, the DT-150 is endgame with this setup. Extremely neutral, natural and transparent, and with this setup it has that smoother timbre from the original pleather pads, yet the neutral fr of the velour pads.

    They're smoother in every way than the HD 650 like this, yet have more treble presence. Yes, they're that good
  9. privilege15
    Here we go (in mm):


    However I would strongly recommend AGAINST changing stock pads if you care about the sound quality of these wonderful headphones. Been there, heard there.
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
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  10. privilege15
    I'm afraid my opinion will counterbalance yours. I had the opposite experience pairing them with Chord Mojo in the distant past and I didn't like the sound at all.... After all, I think I wasn't happy with Chord Mojo sound signature altogether in the first place. I know a lot of people like it, but I guess I was one a few who stands out. I sold Mojo in the end and replaced it with AK SP1000M. With this DAC it is a totally different story.

    When I compare DT150 with hi-end balanced IEM Sennheiser IE800s I would say it's a tie.
    When I compare DT150 with well known AT-M50x, I ask myself why did I ever do so, - DT150 beat M50x in every single way.

    DT150 is truly a gem. I've had them for years now and not planning to get apart. They also can be converted to balanced headphones by DIYing a new cable and this is what I'm working on at the moment. I've done a few cable projects in the past but this one is to have them terminated with TRRS 2.5mm balanced connector. If successful will share an update as I always do.
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  11. dakanao
    What didn't you like about the sound of the Mojo?
  12. privilege15
    Fair question. To answer it, I must dwell on my personal approach to identifying the sound. The very first thing I notice while auditioning is not down to earth pragmatic parameters like lows, mids, treble etc. For the most part I don't care about them with the exception I don't like warm sound. The first thing I note is if touches my soul. With Mojo it was always a compromise for me in terms of portability and excellent sound quality. I must admit the sound is indeed excellent but just like a high performance car range for example, all of them are great but you would always prefer one over another, sometime based on emotions rather than analyzing their technical specs. Same with Mojo, yes, it's great and maybe the frequencies are great and whatever but in end it's down to personal enjoyment. every time I was using it it, I always had this feeling that something was missing... always. I can't tell what or how much I just trust my perception in general. I've had Mojo for about 1.5 years then one day I walked into a store to chose a present for my wife. I was thinking of a new Android based DAP for her to replace Fiio X3. I tried M9, X5, X7 and I was very disappointed. I mean technically they might be ok, I don't know, it just I didn't feel like I had any enjoyment at all from auditioning them. I was almost desperate. Then, what the heck, I was always curious about Astell & Kern. I never looked in this direction in the past. To me it was high-end marketing bs and nothing else. I wasn't losing anything if I asked for SP1000M to satisfy my curiosity. So i did.... In the next few moments one could almost see me crying. It touched me and it touched me deeply with tears of joy. I was sold. I got a junior AK model which was SR15 for my wife but I could never forget the sound of SP1000M. Later I returned to have it for myself.

    Hope I answered the question about Chord Mojo.
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  13. tomaszffffff
    Okay, so I finally had a chance to compare both amps. It's a clear win for Topping, ifi didn't have such authority as NX4 for driving the bass but most importantly highs were too harsh on ifi. In general, even though I didn't test DT150 with full size desktop amp to compare I could recommend Topping product for using them away from the desk. It is important though to switch it to high gain mode to get most out of it.

    Now I have another question. How would you compare DT150 to Shure SRH840? It's very important for me to get to know your opinion.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  14. privilege15
    I was sucessful in recabling, so here I come:

    $7 cable from ali:


    A little bit of soldering:



    Final result:


    Works wonders!

    Pinout for TRRS connector
    (cable side)~== L- === L+ === R+ === R- ==> (connector tip)

    Pinout for DT150 connector
    Get the connector and turn with pins protruding towards yourself:

    L+ R+
    L- R-
    o o

    The bottom ones are not used.
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  15. G_T_J
    Hi guys.

    I just ordered a pair of DT150 and want to change the pads to the supposedly more comfortable DT100 velours.
    My question is, do the DT100 velours fit the DT150 out of the box or do I have to carry out any sort of modification?

    Also, does anyone know an EU retailer than I can source those?

    Many thanks!
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