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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. ilmothedude
    DT100 velours do fit fine without any mods, but if I were you, I would wait to see if stock pleathers are uncomfy for you or not. Velours are more comfy but they still feel kind of strange due that rectangle earcup shape, and they're not any softer than stock pads. Also sound is changed quite a lot with velours, it's smoother and less exciting imo. I myself started with DT100 velours and liked it a lot, but nowadays I've come to prefer pleather pads on DT150, currently using HM5 angled pleather pads. I think Thomann still sells DT100 velours if you want to try them though. Comfort increasing tip for DT150, if you find the clamping force too tight, you can always reduce it by bending the headband.
    Hope this helps! :) Cheers!
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  2. G_T_J
    Excellent info! Thank you!
    I'll wait to see how I'm getting with the stock pads and will probably try the velours or the angled Brainwavz later.
    The reason I thought about getting the velour pads was, aside from comfort, that I don't mind the bass a bit tamed as from what I read it's slightly emphasised on the DT150.
  3. ilmothedude
    You're welcome! Bass was also the reason I wanted to try velours, alongside with comfort of course. Bass was a bit boomy when my DT150 were new, but I think burn-in has tightened the bass a lot. I wasn't really a believer in burn-in back then, which I am now, but if you find that bass is booming and blooming, try to give it some hours burn-in. That of course applies only if you have brand new pair. I don't know how many hours DT150 require playing until they sound best, but don't worry if bass seems boomy right out of box.
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  4. G_T_J
    It is a brand new pair actually. I'll have them tomorrow or the day after I hope.
    I will stick with the stock ones for now. You convinced me :)
    Another thing that pointed me towards the velour ones was that I read somewhere that they are better comfort wise for those wearing glasses - and I do wear glasses.
  5. ilmothedude
    Oh you get them so quick, nice! I don't have glasses so I'm not expert with that stuff, but maybe clamp force mod will help in that regard too. I hope you'll enjoy your DT150, with what ever pad you'll end up with :)
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  6. G_T_J
    Thank you so much.
    I'll just bend the headband first thing when I receive them as I have a really large head and I think it won't do me favours if I put it on straight out of the box! :D
  7. kman1211
    I found comfort fine with glasses. Do you wear more wireframe or thicker framed glasses? You will lose some low end presence wearing glasses. The stock pads will also meld to your head shape some with use.
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  8. G_T_J
    Thanks for the input!

    My glasses are not wire-framed (plastic I reckon) but not the thickest either.
    From what both of you have suggested, I'd better stay with the stock pads for a while than investing to the velour ones...
    If the lower end is tamed and there's not much compromise in comfort while wearing glasses, I don't see a point in buying other pads!
  9. mbwilson111

    If you do decide you want to try them this is where I bought my DT150 and my DT800. I have never tried the pads. I did try Brainwavz and it sounded horrible to me at the time.

    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  10. G_T_J
    Today I got my DT150 and can't stress how impressed I am! I'm trying to not get myself carried away by the new toy syndrome but, boy, can't get these out of my ears really.

    What the hell I was doing/trying all these years without hearing these headphones?

    It is unbelievable how well they cope with every genre of music without sounding boomy or harsh. They kinda remind me of my Hifiman RE400 iems (very favorite signature) - Balanced with a slight emphasis on bass. Perhaps not as silky smooth but with much bigger soundstage and deeper and more prominent low end. Definitely similar signature though.

    However, at first I was shocked as when I put them on I noticed a major channel imbalance with the left side sounding anemic compared to the right one. After fiddling around with the headphone itself and getting myself prepared to return them, I realized that the tiny screw holding the wire on the left earcup was rather loose and the moving of that wire was causing the issue. I eventually twisted that screw a few times with a tiny screwdriver and now everything seems to work fine.Has this happened to anyone in here? I'm wondering.

    On another note, I'm finding them extremely comfortable with the stock pads and my glasses on and that's even without the headband breaking in yet. I must be wearing them for 2 hours now and don't want / feel the need to part ways with them :)

    What a gem of a headphone this is! - Possibly an end-game headphone for me. I'm also getting the HD650 soon and will probably settle with these two for a long looong time!

    Thank you all of you guys who helped me with your suggestions. You've also saved me a few money by advising me not to buy the velour pads without trying the stock pads first.

    Finally, a rhetorical question: Why these headphones are not more popular? I can't get it. I mean I know the mass consumer is more style over substance in every respect but realizing that this principle may apply even on these forums, is a rather disheartening ascertainment.
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  11. dakanao
    You can send your cable out to Triton Audio Cables to remake the wire to Mogami 2893 wire, and they will be more silky smooth and refined all around
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  12. G_T_J
    Guys, I'd be very interested to know what iem you consider a sonic equivalent of this amazing headphone?
  13. privilege15
    I have IE800S, locally priced at $1499 AUD and they are getting close to DT150 but still not on par/a little behind DT150. I prefer DT150 to IE800S when I'm at home and IE800S on the go. Both headphones have balanced cables and are driven by AK SP1000M. The sound is very very much alike between them with IE800S being just a tad less spacious. Other than that I would say they a pretty similar.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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  14. G_T_J
    Thank you very much for your input!
    I've never thought a Sennheiser iem would sound as natural smooth and musical as the DT150. I thought all their iems were V-shaped.
    I think I'll have to place it in my wish list then even if its price is well outside my budget! That DT150 is great and I fear I'll have problems to switch to iems when a full-sized headphone is not practical to use...
  15. privilege15
    They say IE800S are U-shaped rather than V-shaped but I don't notice that. I picked these IEMs after auditioning like over 30 other IEMs on the market, including top of the line samples from other brands. I also had CIEMs once (balanced armature type) but IE800 and IE800S is my personal top and the only preference. I own both actually. Nothing can beat their sound to my tastes. Tastes may differ though.
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