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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. murali
    I am planning to buy DT-1990/Amiron Home and presently own DT-150. If any one own both or had opportunity to compare against DT-150 please share your thoughts.
  2. SHAMuuu


    Good ole CHINA is making sheepskin AR-H1 pads. They are roughly $35-$40 which is 1/3- 1/2 of what Vesper Audio Sheepskin would be roughly I imagine.
    They have a lip so I would think these may fit.

    I will take the first bullet but I have to wait for the loooong shipping. Well they say about 2-3 weeks "Speed Paket" w/e the hell that is/



    For anyone else who doesn't want to wait for me.

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  3. dakanao
    Hey, with what pads is it the closest to get a DT-100 to sound like a DT-150 w/ DT-100 velours?
  4. SHAMuuu
    There is no way to make a dt100 sound like a dt150 (w/ dt100 velours). I've owned the 8 ohm version, and currently have 2000ohm version of dt100, as well as owned the dt150 (w/ both 150 pads, and velours).

    The dt100 is a vocal monitoring headphone, and midrange forward with rolled off ends. The dt150 is a whole 'nother beast.

    The 2000ohm version is a powerful tool to check vocal accuracy and timbre of many instruments, though, not necessarily all. Tool moreso than music listening just like the dt480.

    Dt150 is just a monster music enjoyment device.
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  5. dakanao
    Ordered a used pair of these :) Can't wait to hear them with my Mojo
  6. SHAMuuu

    They came mighty quick from China and they fit mighty fine

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  7. dakanao
    How do they sound compared to the DT 150?
  8. SHAMuuu
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggghhhhhh I sold my dt150 like a month ago......

    I wish i had it atm!

    But these fit the dt480, dt100, so they should fit.

    I will get another 150 im sure down the road.

    I would imagine they would be similar to the hm5 sheepskin. I did try the hm5 sheepskin on the dt150, and i preferred the stock sound. I thought the dt100 velour balanced it out more (tame the bass a nudge). But the dt100 velour feel weird.

    Anyway yeah..... for those who cannot stand the feel of stock pleather pads and went hm5. These look better than hm5 for sure and very comfortable. And they shipped in one week from China to Canada! :D
  9. dakanao
    My DT 150 just arrived.

    It's a very old version with the fixed 6.3 mm plug. It also has exactly this headband as your DT 480.

    Sound is vaguely as I remember as the DT 150 I used to have 2 years ago, excellent mids and highs but too much bass right now with the stock pads. Will get DT-100 velours
  10. SHAMuuu
    Do you have a photos? I am curious to older dt150, i never seen them b4! I have older ones with the fixed 1/4" beefy plugs along with mono plugs as well.
  11. dakanao
    It looks exactly like a recent DT 150, except for the headband, that looks identical to your DT 480 and the fixed 6.3 mm plug.

    Also, it's in surprisingly excellent condition.

    My Mojo ran out of battery quickly, so most of my listening the past hour has been done with my laptops headphone jack + 2 jitterbugs in the USB port (also cleans the sound of the 3.5mm plug somehow).

    The first thing I noticed, was that the DT 150, even out of my laptop, have better vocal details than the HD 650. I can make out softer spoken words more clearly than I can on the HD 650.

    The mids and highs also seem to sound more controlled, less grainy than the HD 650, although the HD 650 has a smoother FR balance (more recessed treble).

    For 70 euro's, it's very very good. Can't wait to hear them once my Mojo is done recharging.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  12. dakanao
    Apparently, earlier editions of this family line, had more headband padding than later editions… Wonder why they removed it in later versions.
  13. SHAMuuu
    Yea tht sounds pretty cool. I have complete confidence in vintage AKG, Sennheiser, and Beyerdynamic.
    I cleared out a bunch of stuff to get the numbers down, but DT150 is one I miss, so that says something.
    If you like something let it go........ and so forth and so on and so on
    Also miss k712.

    Anyway 70 Euro sounds pretty good. I think new dt150 is 99 quid... maybe 130 Euro.

    But I wonder if the vintage have slightly different driver. I only seen one photo, and not sure which year the original year dt50 come out
  14. dakanao
    Yes, with these 3 companies, it seems like the older revision of their old designs are the better versions..

    I don't remember the sound of my DT 150 I had 2 years ago, only vaguely remember the sound with the DT-100 velour.

    Maybe I won't need the velours with the Chord Mojo, as the Mojo tends to be less bassy compared to my laptop.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  15. god-bluff
    I think you may be (but hope you aren't) disappointed

    I found the DT150s strangely lifeless, undynamic and a bit dull with the Mojo. Much better with my Graham Slee Voyager as a portable source. Sorry
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