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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. toddy0191
    It always becomes "cool" to bash hyped products after a while. Gets tiresome (from both sides) much like Brexit here in the UK (leavers Vs remainers)!!

    I prefer the DT6 to the T2 also. I definitely wouldn't describe the bass as overwhelming, in fact most people initially described them as bass light.

    There's always the possibility they've adjusted the tuning/components..

    With regards to crinacle's comments, he's used to much higher end gear and to think a $25 iem is going to play anywhere near even his C rated iems is a stretch.

    They're okay for audiophile peasants like me though!

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  2. DynamicEars
    will post my impressions on DT6 when they're arrived. got T2 too here. but now im pessimistic since crin said its a crap, i feel like sucked and trapped into hyperbole hype hole. Crin's impression usually quite in line with the way i hear them too. maybe its not overwhelming bass seeing from the graph, i dont know why a lot people say its neutral.
  3. chinmie
    always trust your own judgement. just wait till your's arrive and decide for yourself :smile_phones:
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  4. maxxevv
    He does like most reviewers have some inherent bias and preferences. Almost impossible to eradicate really.

    But I would bet that if he were to test a random sample of those he had rated so far completely blind / unsighted and not even touching the earphones with his hands, I'm pretty confident that his opinions and ratings will vary. And most likely with some surprising new conclusions instead.
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  5. Nimweth
    I think Crinacle is an exception. If you go to Audio Budget and look at the FR graph you will see a very flat response in the bass and that is how most hear it. I do not have the T2 to compare.
  6. HAMS
    Audio budget's "flat" is like 10 db more on bass.
  7. Zerohour88
    he prefers even the MH755 to the DT6, FYI. And already having the MH755 for a week or so, I can understand why. I prefer it even compared to the CA Lyra II (which is honestly overpriced even at usd$500 and only had the treble going for it). Can't even believe I'm saying it, but it is what it is.

    And there are lots of C+ rate IEMs for cheap, like the Final Audio stuff and consequently, the T2.

    he bases his rank on sonic quality alone (according to his judgement) and does not take price or even anything else into consideration (he likes DD bass above all else, but all his S-class are all BAs, for example). If you trust his judgement and his tastes lines up with yours, sure, look to his ranking as a guideline. If not, then just accept the fact that his "sonic qualities" criteria is different to yours and look elsewhere for a review.
  8. Sylmar
    Didn't see these before. These look comfortable to fall asleep with (which happens to me all the time).
  9. darmanastartes
    I have a pair in for review. They're good for $10. Pretty standard V-shaped tuning, agile bass, good build quality, low profile. Slightly grainy treble, channel matching could be better.
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  10. CoiL
    Ugly as hell! ;S
  11. loomisjohnson
    the reason i no longer use star or numerical ratings is because (a) it's seldom clear whether the rating is absolute (i.e. compared to the whole universe of iems) or relative to a certain price class and (b) the rating may unintentionally devalue a piece which would have considerable appeal to a particular listener for a particular use. ergo, on its own terms my kid's honda civic is an "A" vehicle, in that it's flawlessly assembled and does exactly what it sets out to do, which is to provide modest acceleration, comfort and ergonomics at a reasonable price. compared on purely objective criteria to say, a porsche or a lexus, the same honda might be a C-, which seems sorta arbitrary.
  12. Zerohour88
    that's actually what I meant by "sonic qualities" in relative to crin's ranking. His ranking is purely that, a list of IEMs ranked in tiers based on their "sonic qualities" (criteria on how he judges this can be found in his thread, IIRC). That's why you see stuff like the $1800 Fender Thirteen 6 being ranked E and the $100 GR07 being B- (and apparently still his $100 benchmark).

    Its not exactly scientific, quantifying IEM's ranking based on the criteria of one reviewer, but at least he's one I trust (one of few) based on my own experience of testing gears he reviewed (especially the high-end stuff, not enough of those)

    head on over to his discord if you're interested in his methodology
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
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  13. majki84
    What is the tip size of cca c10? I want to buy some foam tips. T500 (I'm waiting for the package and want to buy tips in a meanwhile) ?
  14. toddy0191
    I know, I was just being flippant. I have a lot of respect for someone as dedicated as crinacle, and his reviews contribute massively to this community. I wasn't for s minute suggesting he rates things by price.

    My point was that he has a higher point of reference as he has experienced really top end gear, giving him a slightly different perspective to someone like me who hasn't, hence he may find flaws in something that sounds great to me.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  15. CoiL
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