chinese earphones
  1. P

    Looking for a good pair of headphones without breaking the bank? Also Chinese headphones?

    Hi. So I'm looking for a headset for my PC for gaming and music. I thought I would post here too see what you guys think. I don't have a great deal of knowledge about this area thought I should ask people who do. So far I am looking about buying Steel Series Arctis 7. But I'm looking for other...
  2. mehdikh423

    Best chinese dac/amp

    Hi i want to buy an chinese earphone(mmcx connector) up to 500$ and a chinese portable dac/amp up to 500$(except ifi product) What is your recommendation? Thanks for your help
  3. GreedIslandGM

    The Nasudake U12 Bluetooth IEMs

    Link to the U12 . Quick rundown- Nasudake asked me to review it on Reddit, here, and in Amazon, which I don't usually do but the price and the features interested me . Oh, and they told me they would give a 43% discount to 20 pairs, which was cool . Here are the codes . Pros: >Cheap >Matte...
  4. NymPHONOmaniac

    CHIFI LOVE Thread-A never ending IEM-Heaphones-DAP-Dongles Sound Value Quest

    This is a new debut for this thread, following same passion about seeking highest sound benefit return wtv price range but mostly sub-2000$ price range. We accept diversity of sound perception, yet if only one reviewer or audiophile on planet earth praise an audio product, it will sure not make...