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The Nasudake U12 Bluetooth IEMs

  1. GreedIslandGM
    Link to the U12 . Quick rundown- Nasudake asked me to review it on Reddit, here, and in Amazon, which I don't usually do but the price and the features interested me . Oh, and they told me they would give a 43% discount to 20 pairs, which was cool . Here are the codes .



    >Matte finish feels good

    >Tight seal on the ear and the head

    >Connection range is accurate


    >Matte finish might not be everyone’s favorite, and it grabs on oil like a floating wooden door

    >Charging time is a bit long (compared to others)

    >A bit bulky, not for the feeling in the ear, but just the whole pair itself (especially with no carrying case available)


    When I first saw it online I thought the shape would be uncomfortable, but that was not the case at all! The thick shiny parts never touch the ear, and the matte finish makes it feel nice on the skin . The headphone seems to be supported finely just like any other over the ear IEM, so cable noise and movement in the IEM is not a problem . The feeling was a bit loose but I fixed it when I replaced the earbuds with the large ones that came with it .

    Sound, isolation, soundstage, and etc:

    For the isolation, it does terrible for me . I have only used expensive-ish IEMs so those set the bar a bit higher for me, for its $10 price though, I’d say it does the job a lot better than IEMs I’ve tried from friends at around that price . Also, these also sound better when the volume is higher without having the treble screech in your ears, which helps the isolation as well .

    Now for the sound and soundstage . The sounds signature is pointed more towards the treble, which might be good for people who listens to vocals, and the bass and mids are kind of muddled into together . Don’t get me wrong, the bass is there but it sounds a bit muddy and the same goes for the mids . I think the best part of these pair is the soundstage, which I think beats my current favorite, the Xiaomi HD Pros . I don’t know if it’s the shape of the body or the drivers themselves, but the soundstage sounds astounding, which makes up for the muddy bass and mids . One other thing that I like about it is that the muddy bass and mids seem to enhance voices that are deep, which is basically what I listen to, so that’s another cool thing . And like I said previously, raising the volume helps the sound pop out without piercing your ears .

    As a Bluetooth IEM it has to be tested while jogging, so I had to go and jog in it for a bit . The shape of the IEM goes in the ear really easily and the strong rubber material that goes over the ear helps secure the IEM tightly in the ear to stop it from moving around . They also came with clips that help tighten the IEM’s cable behind your back to help better secure it and stop the wire from flopping around .

    The battery is fine, I think their advertised charging and use time is accurate . Thought the pair I got was broken at first, but I realized it was low battery, which was weird . I listened to music for about 5 hours and an additional 1 hour from exercising . The advertised battery’s charging time was also accurate, I kind of hoped it to be a lot faster but it ended up to be closer to 3 hours, which meant that I had to charge it for 3 hours for 6 hours of listening .

    It was the first time I used it so I wasn’t able to test out the sweatproof-ness of it . What I wanted to test out finally was the 33 feet range they boasted, which was actually quite accurate . Because of this, I think I will continue to use this at home, just to listen to music or Bill Burr’s podcast while running around the house doing chores, which actually feels pretty good, no more drawers ripping my IEMs off my ear .

    My final thoughts on these pair is that it’s worth it for the cheap price, especially for the many features it comes with . I would highly recommend it and wouldn’t hesitate in buying another pair for a friend that wants one .
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
  2. GreedIslandGM
    Edited the discount links, aparently they expired.
  3. GreedIslandGM
    Also, from what I see on Amazon the price may also get reduced, so stay tuned more!
  4. GreedIslandGM
    Has anyone else tried it? Give me your thoughts!

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