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Best chinese dac/amp

  1. mehdikh423
    Hi i want to buy an chinese earphone(mmcx connector) up to 500$ and a chinese portable dac/amp up to 500$(except ifi product)
    What is your recommendation?
    Thanks for your help
  2. banco-sg
    Not too sure about earphone, but for DAC/AMP, you might want to consider Yulong?
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  3. mehdikh423
    Which model?
  4. banco-sg
    Yulong DA9
  5. mehdikh423
    Thanks but its 1300$ and its not portable
  6. buke9
    You might want to check out Audio GD as they make some very good stuff.
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  7. buke9
    Sorry just saw the portable only so disregard my last post.
  8. banco-sg
    Woops, my bad, i didn't realize you are looking for portable solutions. You might want to check out Oppo HA-2.
  9. mehdikh423
    Thanks i should check it
  10. buke9
    Didn't realize you were looking for portable gear. Most of the gear in that price range I'm sure is made in China is there a reason you only want Chinese gear? I really don't care but was curious.
  11. mehdikh423
    Because i can buy chinese product for better price than other country product
  12. buke9
    Well that's a good enough reason for me but I don't have much experience with Chinese portable dac/amps so I'll leave this to others that do good luck in your search though I hope you find what you want.
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  13. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Ibasso D14. But if you're going to use an earphone with it anyway you don't need a heck of a lot of power - for the most part you just need low THD+N and low output impedance. Might as well blow $900 on a custom IEM and get something like an Ibasso D-Zero.
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  14. HiCZoK
    Why not something from Fiio ?
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  15. mehdikh423
    I want something on par with chord mojo!

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