obscure hifi brands
  1. DatGameh

    Anyone heard of "Rockchip" DAC chips before?

    During my research for a new DAP to replace my 8-year-old walkman, I found the xDuoo Nano D3 as one of my potential future devices. *cough* if you know any affordable DAPs that are around under $60, please tell me*cough* Before I determine whether or not a certain product is viable for my...
  2. NymPHONOmaniac

    BEST SOUND VALUE THREAD- ChiFi & portable audio bargain, best IEM, DAC-AMP, dongles list, etc

    Hi Headfiers and budget minded audiophile! This thread is open to anybody that seek the highest sound value possible. Please share your serious discoveries and avoid hyping mediocre IEM. For example, an IEM that need to be EQ to sound good isn't worth the attention. A great IEM should pass test...