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Best EQ setting on the ipod

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  1. yliu


    I think the distortion is because of the low quality amp built in the ipods. I plugged the same earphone into my mac (I added ultimate ear's airplane attenuator, so there is no hissing noise) and played the same track on iTunes with Bass Booster, and Acoustic settings, and there were noticeably less distortion. I wonder if headphone amps can eliminate the distortion.
    I also found a song, "Infinite White" from the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [Original Score]" (Yeah, I'm a Transformers fan) it has a lot of bass, and also a female vocal. So what I found out is that the female vocal is distorted around 0:48 (even without EQ).
  2. KarlAgathon
    Thats a very good question yliu. Not using an amp with my coppers. As I thought it would be a little overkill for use with just an ipod. Maybe I'm wrong? Regardless, not big fan of the ipods EQ anyway.
  3. changwang54
    what would be the best for rap music being played out of a sennheiser hd 448 unamped?
  4. Spyro
    Whatever sounds best to you.  Certain headphones/IEM's have better synergy that other with certain settings but it still boils down to what the listener likes.
  5. audioKyle
  6. oclafcire
  7. ant1pathy
    Figured I'd necro this instead of making an exact same thread.
    I have a pair of CK10's and IE8's that I run from an iPod Classic through a little Altoids CMoy amp.  Does anyone have a suggestion for an EQ setting for each that would be appropriate?  Looking especially at the IE8's, since that midbass hump is quite noticeable.
  8. grawk
    The only eq setting you want to use on the ipod is off
  9. totheark
    loudness if your listening to metal or dubstep usually gives me a nice little listen.
  10. advertz
    Ithink the best EQ is OFF
  11. Spyro
    I use "jazz" with my W4.
    Used "treble booster" with W3 since complys muffled some treble.
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