1. saskekun95

    Best Headphones for my taste of music?

    Hello everyone on Head-Fi! I'm new to this forums and I really enjoy music. (sounds atrocious, doesn't it)   I own  AKG 518 LE headphones but i am not satisfied at all... (my wire broke 3 times..., fortunately my father could fix this)   Now i want to buy new ones but my price range is...
  2. nProzac

    Reducing bass in AKG 518 LE

    Hello everyone!   Let me start by saying, that english is not my language of choice and as such, I may have some difficulties explaining complicated issues. I am a quite non-sophisticated music listener with very simple needs and very limited budget. Given that, I require from my music...
  3. joev789

    AKG K518 LE vs. ATH ES7

    I currently have the ATH-ES7's and have been pretty pleased although saw the AKG's and was curious how do the compare and for what types of music? Thanks, Joe.
  4. chelboed

    K518LE impressions

    I purchased these against the recommendations of some of my homies, LOL...I just had to try them. I got the yellow ones from Amazon for $45.   As of late, I've been wanting a decent all-rounder that has a slight lean toward bass. Used to run a Dell Jukebox with Senn EH350's back in the day...
  5. timiop2011

    How to replace AKG K518 headphone plug

    Hi   I am new here and am looking for some advice to help fix the snapped headphone jack on my AKG K518 headphones.  I have some experience in fixing other electronic stuff but never anything audio related.   At my disposal, I have a soldering iron, some silver audio grade solder, and...
  6. D-X69

    (Under $200) Replacement for my AKG K518LE?

    Hey guys, I'm new here.   Ive had my AKG K518 headphones for 2-3months from now and I gotta be honest, I love the bass, but it can be weary after using it for half an hour or more. I'm looking for a better headphones with heavy-bass(basshead), and very comfortable and non-weary. My budget...
  7. kristov143

    Audio Technica WS-55 vs AKG K518LE? Which one's better?

    I'm wondering which of the two has better overall sound quality which is really fun to listen to? Let me know your thoughts! :D Thanks!   http://headphonescout.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/61n5Rxv35ZL._AA1200_.jpg  ...
  8. xAznxStylezx

    AKG K518LE vs Koss ProDJ100 vs ATH-M50

    Just wondering if someone could help me decide between these three. They're going to be a gift for my friend and I can't really decide which ones to go with.  I live in Canada, so I'm not able to quite get amazing prices like those who live in the US. At the moment, I can get the AKG K518LE...
  9. tryxt

    AKG K450 vs AKG K518LE

    Looking to purchase a pair for the girlfriend's birthday, and found them both on incredible sales. The K518LE for $35 and the K450s for $60.   Anyone have experience with both? Which is superior and why?   If it helps, she'd be listening from her iPod touch and would be using them at...
  10. invalid404

    AKG K518 LE vs. Klipsch Image One

    I have narrowed it down to these 2 basshead portables and wanted a final opinion before I make a final decision.    I have a Fiio E11 amp my source is an iPod Touch 4G. Audio files on the iPod are all converted 256kbps AAC, half are from ALAC files and the other are from 320 mp3's.   I...
  11. NextJune

    AKG K518 LE Low volume ?

    Hello,    I just purchased an AKG K518 headphone. I like it so far but I have a little concern about the volume. It is quite low compared to my Sony XB500 and Klipsch S4 with of course the same volume setting on my Sansa Clip Plus (with Rockbox).    It's loud  at about -15/-5db but still...
  12. stephtmb

    OVER THE EAR HEADPHONES......Please Help Me

    I know NOTHING about headphones and hope that someone on this site may be able to help me. I have a 16 year old daughter that asked for "Beats" for Christmas, I am a single mother and $300 is $$$$ to put out for headphones....especially after reading the reviews She listens to music on her...
  13. PshPowPow

    Are the HD 25-1 IIs worth the upgrade?

    Hello everyone :) I am thinking of getting a headphone upgrade. I already have the AKG K518LE, which is my standard portable pair, and the Sennheiser HD 408, which I use at home.  I am looking for something I can use both at home, and when I'm walking around. I want it to isolate me from...
  14. LaPeste

    Advice for headphone over ear with a budget of 65/70€

    Hi, i'm new in this forum. I would like a new headphone but i have a limited budget of 65-70 €. I have got the sennheiser px 200 (the first model) from 5 years and now i want change it with a better over ear headphone. My favorite music is Metal music and hard rock but sometimes i listen...
  15. Kiryaa

    AKG K518 DJ/LE vs Philips O'Neill "Stretch" SHO 9560

    Hello! I need new headphones for "on the go" purpose. For me that is everything that is smaller than my Sony XB-500 (which are quite huge). So, here, in my country AKG K518 and Philips O'Neill "Stretch" cost the same. And I can't decide which ones should I choose. My girlfriend has Philips and...
  16. amipat01

    Vmoda M80 vs Beats Solo HD

    Please don't hate on me until you read! I currently own a pair of ATH-M50 that I have recently purchased. The sound is great and all but they are just too heavy and I find them a bit uncomfortable. I also now realize I want portability. I am considering the Vmoda M80 but people have been saying...
  17. maximilians

    AKG k518 DJ vs LE vs Ath m50

    Hey anybody can give me someadvice, which is better? Akg k518 dj ? Akg k518 le? Or Ath m50? Forthis one i like the bassy headphone. Offcourse overall good too..
  18. Slivortal

    Good Cans <=$80

    So, I was looking around for a decent pair of CLOSED headphones to ask for for my birthday. Looking for some that are relatively light, durable, and portable, with good sound (obviously). ABSOLUTE upper limit is $80. Also the headphones need to not leak sound (so closed, I guess). Usually I...
  19. Sp3aker

    Headphones for my girlfriend

    Hi, I'm a bit of an audiophile novice, and I am looking for some advice on what headphones to get my girlfriend for valentines day. I personally use the Koss Pro DJ100's, and my GF has fallen in love with them. She is soon getting an electric piano (which is apprently not the same as a keyboard...
  20. mart1

    Bassy stylish headphones for a female friend

    A female friend of mine is looking for portable, bassy and stylish headphones, color white preferred. The best match I found was AKG K181 DJ. Gogo suggest some :)
  21. aznx2high

    personal experience with fiio e11 is it worth it?

    hi   i am currently thinking about buying a fiio e11 with the fiio L9 line out cable   it costs about 90$ altogether but is it worth it with my ipod nano 5th gen?   thanks for posting your personal experience and helping me decide whether or not it is worth my money.
  22. phatair

    looking for AKG K518 alternative

    hi,   i have the AKG K518 headphones and i like them very much. Great sound and really good wear comfort and thats for 50€ - thats great. There is only one problem, the headphones look really big on my head. A friend has the WeSC Oboe headphones and they nuzzle on the head (i hope this is a...
  23. hamdib

    Help me choose between AKG K 518LE, Audio Tech.ATH-WS55, Beyerdynamics DTX-501p

    Looking for a headphone to listen to R&B, Soul, Pop/Rock, Lounge, Trip-hop, Nu jazz, Chill-out on portable devices (nokia, iphone, ipad,etc.)Help me choose between AKG K 518LE, Audio Tech.ATH-WS55, Beyerdynamics DTX-501p 1) well built 2) portable (not necessarily pocketable) 3) have near...
  24. discoduck

    Replacement technique for AKG K518 pads

    I've replaced pads on some other headphones before, mostly Sennheisers. Are the K518 pads replaced the same way, by pulling out the retaining frame that the pads are wrapped around? It seems like it's very tight and I don't want to risk damaging anything by prying with a screwdriver since I like...
  25. NER0

    AKG k518, weSC Oboe or MAYBE something else

      I want a nice pair of headphones. the key elements I'm looking for are: - Style - Clarity, and sound. - Good Bass.  I want to spend under 75 dollars (CAD). Might spend 100 (CAD) if I'm really interested in them.   I really like the AKG k518 and the weSC Oboe. So if anyone has used...