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Best android music player app?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by metalgeareh, Nov 27, 2012.
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  1. tuxx
    Thank you.

    Buying Stellio!
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  2. Mmurin
    In the end I settled on AIMP and musicolet; they are free, no ads, and they are the only ones (to my knowledge) to support multiple queues with automatic bookmarking. Spotify music player also works that way. I really like the features of neutron, hyby, rocket player, black player , poweramp but they miss this feature of the multiple queues, which for me is invaluable.
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  3. shortwavelistener
    For me JetAudio works best, especially with the Bongiovi DPS feature turned on. It sounds more like DSEE HX, which is what new Sony phones has. (except for mine!)

    I also purchased Neutron and it sounds really good with the 64-bit digital processing, despite the lack of a digital signal enhancement engine or any fancy shmancy enhancer. For now i'll keep both apps as my disk storage is still plenty.
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  4. davidcotton
    Any app that does music AND audiobook support? Failing that any with a bookmark option?

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  5. ElKabong
    Jet Audio is my go to music app on my fiio x5ii, simply love it and all the possibilities it provides.
  6. shortwavelistener
    JetAudio can playback podcasts that you have downloaded online. Maybe it could playback audiobooks as well. (I don't know if m4b is supported on the player)
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  7. MrJudasPriest
    Sorry if already discussed but any views on the Fiio music app? Sampling it yesterday and comparing it against UAPP think it might be slightly warmer and more natural sounding? Slightly lower volume too. Any thoughts?
  8. gorman
    Just checked it again, still does not support full replaygain implementation (track/album modes, don’t know which mode it implements by default but I guess track).
  9. sehnsucht
    I'm using Rocket Player (the paid for version), 99.9% of the time with 16/44 FLAC files. I'm currently considering taking my first steps into using a DAC/Headphone amp (investigating buying the Schiit Asgard 3, and also seeing if I'd benefit in better headphones than my current Sennheiser HD595) and am wondering a) how I physically wire it up (assuming it's just USB OTB) and b) how it's possible to apply EQ assuming that Rocket Player is decompressing the FLAC file and squirting it down the USB lead. Would I need to get an EQ unit post amplification?
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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